Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Concert Review: Born This Way Ball

January 12, 2013 will be a very memorable night for me. I got to see Lady Gaga for the first time in concert! My review can be viewed on my other blog, though I should have put it on this one, since it is after all a music blog d": But anyways, videos for you to see! There is more after the jump!

So I may not be the best person who holds a camera at a concert, but I can't help myself! I am simply enjoying the amazing-ness that is happening on stage. But let's get to the videos, shall we?

This one was during the beginning, the intro was rather dramatic, and now I can't get those songs out of my head! But this one is a fun message: Jesus is always in style :"D

The video that was featured, "Bad Romance," came before the next video, where she sang two of her other successes. I especially love the second song, that is one of my personal favourites from Gaga:

And now comes the final video of the night, my favourite segment where the meat comes out! And of course, the song isn't complete without the Gun Bra:

Wish I had filmed more of the concert, but that's probably easy to find d": If I do go to other concerts, I hope it's for free! Gaga was expensive, and worth every penny!

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