Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Old Music

Although I found this song a few years ago, it never made my shuffle playlist/challenge thingy. So while I was at work, I went through some songs that I was going to put on this list. Somehow this popped in my head, and I knew it had to be today's entry. So without further ado...

Space Cowboy ft Chelsea Korka - Falling Down

For those who recognize the name, he is one of the producers for Lady Gaga's album, The Fame Monster (link is one of my favourite songs from her). He is, however, not the main inspiration behind the *NSYNC song d": But moving on: the sound is almost similar to what the early stages of Gaga were, all with a different flare. Add in a contestant from Search For The Next Doll (admit it, you watched that show!), and it's a pump-up jam in my book! She's been releasing her own content, and even has her own page. As for Space Cowboy... Well, I think producers know that they stick to what they do best, and let the artists represent their work for them. But hey, he tried, and it's quite catchy if I don't say myself. Just hope I don't fall, fall, fall... XD

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