Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Old Music

I can't believe all the new music I've been finding recently... What surprises me more is the age of the songs. Although some will be only a few months old, they will not be part of my year-end countdown (I'm a stickler when it comes to that!)

So once a week, I'll show you a song that I have recently found. Hope you enjoy it!

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops

OK, so this doesn't actually count as 'new,' since I have had this since 2009. But thank goodness for the shuffle button on the music player, because this still sounds fresh. There are so many good hits from them, but I think Good Luck is my favourite (especially from this clip). So why choose this song? Because it's romantic. You can still feel that person despite the physical distance between each other. The only other reason that I've got would be because it's stopped raining recently, and this feels like summer coming back again. I'm not saying for the rain to come back anytime soon, but having it remind you of that special someone... well that's something.

Other great songs from them are Oh My Gosh, and Where'e Your Head At. Can't wait to hear new stuff from them soon!

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