Sunday, July 14, 2013

New Old Music

The appeal is all in the video, but the song is quite pumping. This is what exactly happens when you go onto YouTube: discover music you have never heard of, with big surprises. So much music, but oh so little time. Just remember one thing: everything is not what it seems.

Sneaky Sound System - We Love

What happens when you get a beat with a heavy bass, a soulful songstress, and silhouettes that give the wrong impression? This song. I can't recall the video where I first saw this, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't as sexy compared to this. A bit cheeky, but what song about love isn't? Taken to a different level, when the lights turn on, they are every day chores... Maybe cleaning around the house is a turn-on for people? See how imagination leads to wild and exciting thoughts d"; How easy the mind turns dirty.

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