Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sexy Sundays: Climax

Once again, I apologize for no post last week... I was a little under the weather. Well, let's turn things up for this week, shall we?

This song I actually heard this year, and I was taken by the first listen. It's not difficult to see that Usher is one sexy artist, and he his music (and body) is all the proof you need. But what makes this different from his other singles is that, it's not typical of him. This is not a dance track, nor something sad - it's suspense. And for those who get a thrill out of not knowing what comes next, I believe this should hit the spot for you (";

Despite being apart, all he can think about is being with the one that is on his mind... A scandal that is hard to resist. So what does one do before the temptation gets to them? It seems that curiosity come to play, letting the senses go wild. I do hope that no one ever goes through this, but it is quite steamy this track, with the falsettos and the 'stutter' sound that always gets to me. Usher sure knows how to grab attention in all the right ways. And now, let the drama begin:

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