Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sexy Sundays: Dip It Low

Let's get this going, shall we? This week's selection comes from a lady... you know it's already going to be sexy c";

If there was one song that Christina Milian was known for, it would have to be this one. Yes, her other singles are catchy, but this one made her noticed... And she left a big impression behind. Take some oriental sounds, add her sensual voice, and big buckets of black paint... what point was I making by the way? There is no doubt that adding a little bit of showing off, dancing, and be dragged on the floor (in a sexy way, of course) would make the perfect formula to make a man say 'oh.' You have gotten my attention, Miss Milian.

I wish she had made more music, because I do like her voice, but I guess after one very revealing video, that was it! Maybe it's difficult to get clean after getting so dirty perhaps? After eight years (yeah, this song is old!), this song is still fresh! Hopefully she will make music again, and here's to wishing that it's a little more like this. For now, can still enjoy seeing her on The Voice. Let's get this good time rolling:

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