Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ooey Gooey Lovey Goo: Bring My Girl Home To Me

Love is nothing without the soul... music, that is. When you hear them, you get that sense of mushiness in your heart, the one that makes you feel real warm inside. They say it loud and proud, that you can't deny. And honestly, with such good tunes, you'll be glad they did.

You may not want it all the time, but the sense of love always feels good

11) The Temptations - My Girl

Whether you found this from a movie, a show, or some other format, there is no escaping this song... But who would want to anyway? This is being serenaded in the most sincere way. It's funny how one person can change your way of seeing the world, and it's all for the better. Sing it out gents:

12) Sam Cooke - Bring It Home To Me

I actually found this song from this show... It's hard to pick a favourite version. So let's stick with the original, where all he be wanting is you and your love. It has such a homey feeling to it, where you wish the moment you're together could last forever. Above all, affection matters most:

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