Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ooey Gooey Lovey Goo: Loving You Faster Tonight

Modern hits are what best summarizes these songs. But they do contradict each other with the first taking it nice and slow, while the other one wants to keep going because he can't contain his love for you. What ever speed you may want to go, just enjoy it ^^

When you're together, forever is the time you have left with each other

09) Andrew Allen - Loving You Tonight

Sweet as it can be, this song has been playing on the radio frequently these days... Perhaps they know of the special day coming up? He makes it so easy, yet there is not enough music like this: laid back and taking a break from crazy. Slow things down, nothing to be rushing into at all:

10) Matt Nathanson - Faster

And now for the fast pace! It took me some time to find this song, and alas! It appears on this list! So upbeat, can't control the urge when this comes on. If your love sounds more like this, then I'm sure that you have lots of fun times together. There would never be a dull moment :"D

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