Sunday, May 12, 2013

New Old Music

To celebrate Mother's Day, I decided this week's selection will be based around one of my mother's favourite artists. She loved to dance back in the day, and would always go out when she had the chance. Nowadays, she still loves to dance... But in a different way. So, let's get to the song.


Donna Summer - Last Dance

This is Disco! Compare it with today's music that you wouldn't want to share with your parents - this is pretty much it, but with more flare! Let's be honest, you can actually sing along with these songs (mainly because of the lyrics) and you also wanted to challenge yourself to hit those high, long notes. It starts off slow, and it introduces all of the kicks: flutes, chimes, saxophones, it's the works! And that is just the beginning - wait until the violins come in. Oh mother, you have excellent taste in music. Thank you for showing me the music of your time, it's delicious :"d

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