Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Old Music

This song I found earlier this year from a countdown list for 2012... Ah, the talent you find when the year begins! But it's a great heads up to keep an eye on this artist. Don't know where she exactly came from, but she has a fantastics sound. Plus, she does it all with a smile :"D

Azelia Banks - 1991

Love how the introduction begins en Fran├žais, and then the dirty bits come in. Honestly, I do have a hard time following what she says but aren't all raps like that? They catch you in with the beat, so you listen to it until you are able to actually understand the words that come flying out of her mouth. Her voice is different from other female rappers; it's a little raspy, yet mixed with a soothing, pleasant ring to it. From what I can get at the song, I think it's about herself and the person she is since day one (well, it's pretty obvious with the title being her birth year). On the 31st, she will be 22. Happy Birthday to her, can't wait to see what other gifts she can bring out in the music scene ^^

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