Sunday, November 3, 2013

New Old Music

Why don't Canadians appreciate Canadian music? I mean, there are so many talented people in this country, yet I don't ever hear enough songs that dominate the radio stations I usually listen to. So when this came on, I was pleasantly surprised that upon discovery, this artist is also Canadian. Score.

Matthew Barber - Soft One

Not exactly sure how old this song is, but I'm going to guess it's almost 10? Based on the comments left on the video, some people were searching for it a long time ago. All I was doing was looking for a song I wasn't sick of on the radio. It's always interesting to get that random song you've never heard about and start listening to it. I think there should be a rule for every 3 or 4 songs that they often play on the station, an old Canadian song must be played. That way, people get to know what else is out there (can't always stay by the computer and find out good music that way!)

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