Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Old Music

I swear, my brain doesn't work at times. Not only have I forgotten about this song for years, but I also had to find it again through a bad film that I watched on TV… It had a Disney Channel star in it, don't judge me. No wonder it was on at 2AM in the morning...

DJ Champion - No Heaven

Despite the fact that I heard the song in a movie called Prom Wars, this use to be on the radio all the time, on heavy rotation. He is a Canadian DJ who has gotten recognition with this song. I believe this is his only hit song, and couldn't find any other songs that he made. What a shame, it's so good. I love it when that Rock vibe is added to a Dance tune (then again, any genre with Dance mixed in makes it good). So here's to the forgotten song from 2006, and hopefully I will never forget it again. I mean, have you heard the song?! It's got attitude and sex appeal all under 4 minutes. Now that's good.

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