Sunday, December 20, 2015

New Old Music: The Best Discoveries

Music has always been a fascination for me - specifically, finding out what is new music to me. Some times, there are songs that become popular as years pass by. It's truly amazing to see it gain attention. Not to be forgotten, here are the 10 best songs I found this year.

Try to forget all the things that I did to myself, and in time I see it fading...

010 Taylor Henderson - Borrow My Heart

Year: 2013

Wish I could remember how I found this song - I'm pretty sure the fact that he's a cute boy would be an accurate alibi. But this Australian X-Factor contestant shows his charm in this song with everything that can make anyone swoon: guitars, good looks, and a hook that captures hearts.

009 HAIM - The Wire

Year: 2013

Before being part of Taylor Swift's 'squad,' this band of sisters were relatively well known - except I have never heard of them. It was while shopping at a mall in Sacramento where I heard this glittery alternative piece. Never has Rock ever sounded so peaceful about a breakup.

008 Jhené Aiko - Happy

Year: 2003

Heard this song at work one day, and never knew the connection until I searched for it. Who would have known that 12 years later, I'd be a big fan of her music. Amazing how much an artist can change & remain friends with a former B2K member. Let this be a great reminder.

007 Omi - Cheerleader

Year: 2012

It was the remix that everyone raved about, but I personally prefer the original. Omar stayed true to his roots with the caribbean vibe, creating a perfect slow jam that was easy to groove along. And then came Felix Jaehn to revive the song on a much sped-up pace. Either way, let's dance.

006 The 1975 - Chocolate

Year: 2013

There is something about British Rock bands, am I right? Let the 1975 continue this streak and their über catchy track. It's easy to follow, and the words just roll off your tongue when singing along. Perhaps this will be enough to convince me to explore new music grounds.

005 Arctic Monkeys - Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

Year: 2013

Not exactly the same Arctic Monkeys that I remember from a few years ago. But I must admit, the video is disturbingly satisfying. Maybe it's what being under the influence is all about, and it makes me wonder whether that intensifies the feeling of loneliness... I think that's a yes.

004 Vance Joy - Riptide

Year: 2013

This song has won me over. Tried to resist it, however, he's rather charming in concert. What would have been cringing whenever I heard the ukulele play, I now anticipate for its play on the radio. It's a shame that this might be James' biggest hit... But please, do prove me wrong.

003 Wham! - Everything She Wants

Year: 1984

Being the oldest entry on this list, I craved for more of this after hearing it on the radio. Back were the days when you could repeat the same beat for the entire song, and never get tired of it. Wham! might be well known for 'Last Christmas' and 'Wake Me Up,' but now it's also this track.

002 Esthero - That Girl

Year: 1999

I knew of this song years ago, but I was reintroduced to it while I was at work. Esthero has this dynamic that can't be compared to other artists. On one hand, her vocals are gentle and delicate, yet they deliver a punch every time she sings a line. Clearly, this is relaxation for the ears.

001 George Ezra - Budapest

Year: 2013

Not only was it a hit this year, but also last year. When music is good, it has to be shared to everyone across the globe. A bit juvenile, but folky enough to be a sweetheart of a song. And with such a low vocal range, I would love to hear more from Ezra.

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