Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some Kinda Wonderful: Songs 1 to 10

Here we go! Ready for an adventure in music? Not really? Oh well, here we go!

*I did pick the first song to be fair, but otherwise everything is random*

This is song #1. Read on for the other nine songs!

Song 01: Sky - Some Kinda Wonderful

To kick of the list! When I was young, I always looked forward to Fridays, because that meant it was time for Hit List! It was my favourite show, and since I didn't have cable, it held a special place in my heart d":

Anyways, back to the song: whenever this came up, I always imitated what they did in the video, and I thought it was always so cool that it was filmed in one shot and all of this randomness happened along the way. What I love about this song was the fact that it's so upbeat and happy, it brings memories of singing in the car with my siblings and having no care at all.

Song 02: Miley Cyrus - Party In The USA

So I throw my hands up, they're playing my song...
Come on, who doesn't like this song?! It's so catchy and upbeat ^^ I never understood why people take so much time saying how much they dislike a person - if you like them, great; if not, that's fine...

Though I still don't know what it means to be 'movin' my hips like yeah,' I can't help myself from grinning from ear to ear when I hear it. Whether you like her or not, just dance to it - it's the song to get any party started :"3

Song 03: Janet Jackson - Just A Little While

From one of her less successful albums, I've always had something for this song.

I don't remember the lyrics, and the music video is certainly futuristic, but maybe what I love about this song is the fact it's Janet Jackson...

Originally, I didn't like her because she shared the same name as Arnold's cousin on the magic school bus... how naive I was before d":

Song 04: Whitney Houston ft Akon - Like I Never Left

I believe this was the rumoured first single from her comeback, and I was excited to hear that Whitney Houston would be releasing new music again!

The melody is peaceful and calming, and her voice is still so beautiful. Akon was an excellent addition to it, their voices clashe very nicely together.

Another love song in my list...

Song 05: Jennifer Lopez - Play

Just turn it up and turn it on
I think this is one of J-Lo's best song! So funky and fresh, it's definitely underrated. It's just one of those songs that can calm you or get you in the good vibes.

And who can forget the line:

(Hey, I don't swear :"p)

Song 06: The Warblers - Misery

I love Glee, especially the Warblers - I've got a thing for acapella covers.

Covering Maroon 5's hit single, I didn't think it could have been better than the original - oh was I wrong.

This song's got me bad... it's really got me bad

Song 07: Mary Poppins - Chim Chim Cher-ee

Yes, I have Disney songs in this list!

From one of my favourite movies of all time, I'm not much a fan of this song - it's different from the rest, brings a darker mood to the movie.

It stays in the phone because I love Mary Poppins too much ♡

Song 08: Gym Class Heroes ft Neon Hitch - @ss Back Home

Again, I don't swear, even when it's typing...

Onto current songs: I like Gym Class Heroes, they are the underdog of music, don't get much appreciation in my opinion.

I'm not sure what Travie McCoy is talking about, mainly cause I'm paying attention to the chorus - that what matters most anyways!

It's similar to their older stuff which I prefer.

Song 09: Omarion ft Kat Deluna - Cut Off Time

Two artists who I thought would have gotten bigger - sigh...

This song was for a movie called "Feel The Noise," which I probably did know before; I usually find my music from blogs by the way.

Perfect pair, simple beat, with an excellent result. It's one good break-up song.

Song 10: Nelly Furtado - Maneater

I've been around the world, I have never seen a girl like this...
Nelly Furtado showing off her sexy side! It was a change for her, and also was her strongest album, with hit after hit.

When I tried doing mash-ups about 4 years ago, this was my go-to song. I mixed this one the most. I like the repetitive horn sound, if that makes sense - never gets annoying to me at all!

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