Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As Long As You Love Me: Songs 101 to 110

Just beginning the playlist, don't you know? Here are a bunch of throwbacks mainly from my teen years.

Song #102: I've tried to hide it so that no one knows, but I guess it shows...

Song 101: Monrose - Hot Summer

Another song that come from a blog - recently, this song was covered in Korean. You know a song is THAT good when it's done in a different language c";

I do think this song has a resemblance of Nelly Furtado's "Maneater," but the message here has more attitude. Also, I can't give up an opportunity when someone wants to rip off their clothes. After all, it's going to be a blazer out there.

Song 102: Backstreet Boys - As Long As You Love Me

Boybands, where have you gone? Where are the awesome love songs that have disappeared? This is my favourite Backstreet Boys song EVER!

You accept the person just the way they are, regardless of their background or anything that you think would hurt a relationship. It has the sweetest message, and I think that's what everyone wants: to be loved without any questions.

Sometimes the sweetest things can be simply said.

Song 103: Natasha Bedingfield - I Wanna Have Your Babies

My ringtone of the month! Whenever someone's calling, it's because they want to tell me this - oh yeah.

It's a silly song, and I'm pretty sure there are girls out there who find the man of their dreams and fantasize about their lives in perfect harmony.

And the video - it's adorable! Men can fantasize about having babies with the girl of their dreams... right?

Song 104: Ne-Yo ft Candace Jones - Sexy Love (Mixtape Duet Remix)

He's such a classy man, and never goes without a hat - don't think he likes being bald either...

Focus on the song: this should have been released as a duet, there is more depth to it, and it's amazing how beautiful their voices clash together. I would be interested if Candace Jones released her own songs, but this song is classy... even 'sexy' sounds sophisticated here.

Ne-Yo can make hits - please make more (duets)!

Song 105: Hilary Duff - Reach Out

Sounds familiar? She did heavily sample a song, and the message is on the other side of the spectrum, but it's Hilary Duff!

Not much of a reason? The sound has more bass than the original, and it's a hummer. I like the line: It's like a prey, playin' games with the hunter, she is all grown up and no longer a child.

Still, no harm with experimenting.

Song 106: m-flo loves melody. & Yamamoto Ryohei - Miss You

Japanese Pop! Or Hip-Hop? No matter what I listen to, I categorize Japanese music as "J-Pop." Their sound is different, sounds organic in my opinion.

Yes, I don't understand what they're talking about, but it just sounds so relaxing. They know how to produce a song. And m-flo collaborates with everyone, I love it. Every song they make is a hit.

Dear m-flo: please breakout in North America!

Song 107: Tor+ - Munk (I Guess)

Piano, piano, piano! How come there aren't that many male artists who plays piano by the way? I can only think of women when it comes to pop music...

Here we go, more Thai music! It's pleasant, and I'm pretty sure the message matches its quality d": The way he plays the piano is amazing, I wish I could go fast as he could. Talent + talent = bi-talented?!

Plain and ordinary sometimes wins - awesome!

Song 108: Delerium ft Kreesha Turner - Dust In Gravity

My friend did a cover of this song mixed with a bunch of other songs, and I fell in love with it. And what makes this song perfect? Violins - yes!

And Kreesha Turner brings a mellow-drama feel to it. I think it could have been used in a movie. It gives me the chills, almost surreal to reality.

Well done to Delerium and their mellow-mid-tempo dance tracks.

Song 109: Ashley Tisdale - Kiss The Girl (DJ Echo Remix)

Eek, Disney covers! Some of them are well done, and I happen to enjoy this one very much.

For some reason, I've been hearing a lot of this song on my computer, my mp3 player - perhaps they're trying to tell me something.

Bubble gum pop rendition to the classic Disney movies, I like them all. Long as I can sing along, I'm good to go!

Song 110: Usher ft Pitbull - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

One of the summer hits of my teen years - oh, it's been so long since I was a teen...

This is an addicting dance-track, Usher knows how to get people on the floor. If a DJ can be cupid, it would be easier to be love than every other method I've tried... let's not go there.

There are two versions of this song, Pitbull says different things - this is not the version I have on my phone.

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