Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Songs 111 to 120

The beginning of February, and things are heating up for Day 11, a good combination of old and new - awesome!

Song #113: It's alright to say you want it, get inside my dirty mind...

Hilary Duff is such a good soul, she couldn't do anything that would harm her career.

This song is so nice, and positive. Yeah, it is typical teenie bopper music, but sometimes we need a song that makes you feel good inside out.

Kind of sad this wasn't a single, it's like a theme for the unsung hero - probably not, but it does make you feel good deep down.

Song 112: McMaster & James - Love Wins Everytime

My gosh, who remembers this band?! They were awesome, and were always played on the radio! Also, their music was amazing.

Pump up the volume, it's got a vibe of its own, has an essence of Spanish flair and lyrics that flow well.

Through the tough times, know that love will conquer everything. And it's all in good fun, especially with these two guys :"D

Song 113: Britney Spears - Up N' Down

This is my favourite song from Femme Fatale, hands down! I like the old vibe it has, and the fact that it sounded so tribal trance. Yes, it does sample a song, but I just can't deny how groovy I feel...

Did I mention that I made a music video for this song? I wanted to win tickets for her concert so badly - I ended up buying tickets full price. It was totally worth it, and she even performed this song! That made the concert - not really, but was real satisfied. Now shake!

Song 114: Naoki - Dynamite Rave (Bass Remix)

In every game of DDR that I had, this song was always on it - proves that this one has got to be a fan favourite!

It's high energy, and makes you want to get up and move around. The intensity and coolness brings such depth to the game, since most of the songs are cute or Europop - this was different.

The link is not the same one I was listening to, but there are tons of remixes for this song - it's that good.

Song 115: Lights - Ice

This song is actually old, did you know? There was the first music video she made was back sometime around 2006, and then she re-released it with an updated version.

I like Lights, she has talent and her songs have an innocence to them. This particular song, she's talking about someone who changes and isn't responding to what they're saying.

Where she sings real fast gives me chills.

Song 116: The Beatles - Let It Be

I am not a big Beatles fan (shame!), but I do enjoy their music in moderation. They had so many hits, one song isn't like the other. Of all the songs they had, this is my favourite.

When I think of the Beatles, I think of "Help" and "She Loves You," not so much of this song. It's quite different from what they released, slower than most of their songs, but so powerful.

Words of wisdom goes a long way.

Song 117: Spice Girls - Say You'll Be There

At the moment, this song of theirs is stuck in my head. Probably because of 90s night, listening to their album, plus the fact that I've grown interest now they are re-forming again!

You can't say that you don't know the lyrics to at least one song from the Spice Girls, that's impossible!

I love this song cause of the non-sense video, and that it's way too catchy: I'll give you everything on this I swear, just promise you'll always be there... yes!

Song 118: Janelle MonĂ¡e - Wondaland

Everything is so right with Janelle! I love her to bits, and her look is so stunning! The main reason I became obsessed with black and white.

Her sound is weird, but I keep on listening to her. She can do disco, the slow songs, and all that jazz, and she does it so well. This has a magical feeling, that you are escaped into a fantasy that you haven't seen before.

Saw her TWICE, but didn't perform - do it next time!

Song 119: Tiesto ft Teagan & Sara - Feel It In My Bones

Onto the next dance track, we have Tiesto. I'm pretty sure that there are tons of DJs waiting to make it big time, but few do appear on the radio. I wonder how radio stations select which DJ gets to be played.

Teaming up with some Canadian twins, he makes this hit that goes through your head, leaving echoes that won't escape inside. It has that strange bell sound, which I like (sorry, can't describe it) and Teagan & Sara's voices are so nice to listen to.

Song 120: Danny Fernandes - Fantasy

Aw, it's Shawn Desman's little brother... why is their family so talented? So jealous of them.

Wasn't much of a fan from his first single, but this made it all better. The melody is nice, and the fact that someone would do all of these things to their love makes my heart feel oh so warm.

Plus, his voice has a lullaby vibe in this song, singing me to sleep with sweet dreams...yes, I just said that. Nothing wrong with dreaming - it's only in my head anyways.

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