Friday, December 27, 2013

Top 100 of 2013: 40 to 31

I Flex That Mental Muscle

040 OneRepublic - Counting Stars

I will admit, it's a little weird how I found this song. I'm not a big fan of The Voice, but I was really interested in the finale for Season 4. Based on the performances on that episode, I wanted Michelle to win. A few months later, I hear this song again after their performance mainly because of the store I was working in kept playing this. Now, it's everywhere. Not a bad thing, but it's about time media played the heck out of this song. It's getting rid of the old way you thought was right and now doing things that seem not normal to you… Maybe change is a good thing? Whatever it is, OneRepublic made you think with their monster hit.

039 Lady Gaga - Applause

What else would Lady Gaga live for? At first, I really didn't like this song. I thought it wasn't really her style - but then again, every genre is her style. I like that she experiments with her sounds, and this piece shows that she will do whatever it takes for that standing ovation. She has never let go of the obsession with fame, and it makes you wonder what she will do next. Is she over exposed? Maybe, but when you set the bar so high, going down is never an option. So here's to a true artist who will never settle for just fine; it must always be sensational! After all, that's what you feel deep down inside.

038 Calvin Harris ft Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love

This song screams out S.E.X. Calvin & Ellie make wonderful music together, and they are a cute couple if you ask me. There is something about this song that makes you want to venture into the realms of people, their passions, and their desires. There are moments when the song sounds very sensitive, but it gives that flavour of needing to belong to someone and wondering if they feel the same. Let the compassion start flowing in, and the love to intensify. I love every second of this song - they better collaborate more often!

037 Down With Webster - One In A Million

When this song came out, I had to stop watching the MuchMusic VJ search. As a theme song, I'm not really feeling it. For everyday radio playing, I'm feeling it a lot. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the fact there is a rapper in this rock band makes it gimmicky but utterly attractive. And the message is positive too, with that I am one-of-a-kind that can never be replaced (so you better remember me!) The sound is reminiscent to the early 2000s, where the music was all about reaching the top, and never giving up. Got to give it to Down With Webster, they are definitely getting better with their music. May the improvement continue for the better.

036 ft Justin Bieber - #thatPOWER

And here it is, the only song with a hashtag in the Top 100. It may be unnecessary, but it is not going away anytime soon. is very futuristic with his sound, especially with this one. With Justin Bieber, I think he raised the bar on this song. It's about making it, having success as though you have an ability that no one has. Surprisingly, I find this song to be uplifting and inspirational - and, the hardest thing to dance on Just Dance. I swear, this song is the (yes, I had to do that d":)

035 Jay-Z ft Justin Timberlake - Holy Grail

I never thought I see the day where Jay-Z as the main artist would position in my Top 100. Today is that day. According to those who attended the Legends of the Summer Tour, Jay-Z was a better performer than Justin (their opinion, not mine). The song never really grew onto me until my friend started singing along to it - that's when I actually listened to the song. It's like every relationship, where we just don't know where that other person is because of their ever changing moods. And with the Nirvana reference, this oddity is just enough for me to enjoy it much more than when it was initially released. So congrats to such a strange yet what I now think is a catchy song.

034 Taylor Swift - Red

Of all the Taylor Swift songs, I think this is in my Top 5 of hers. It's the most Country song she has released in a while, and I love the chorus being described in colour vision. I think that's the whole point of the album, expressing everything with the fiery passion that Taylor has. It's all about not letting go of that past love, because you suddenly realize what you truly feel about them. I do wish that Taylor released not a concert video, because this is one of the most beautiful songs she has created. And it doesn't hurt that Restless Road did a cover of the song. I am swoon away by this song, forever and always…

033 Le Youth - C O O L

Remember Cassie? Pretty sure everyone was obsessed with this song when it was released. Well, now Le Youth pitched her voice to make her unnoticeable to a tune that is really chilled. And you know what? It really works. They have recreated the song so that's it sounds like it came from the 90s, and who doesn't like nostalgic-sounding music? Such a throwback, but it's well-produced. This is like lying on the beach, enjoying the sun, and maybe getting lucky kind of song. It's no wonder work kept playing this song. I wished they didn't have to change the selection every season, I can never get tired of this song!

Another surprise to me. She's a Canadian artist who debuted with a different sound. I couldn't believe myself when I first heard it. It was love at first hear! This just shows that she can sing, and with such a fresh song, I can't help myself from smiling from ear to ear. She really needs more attention, her voice is so smooth, I might just melt. And if she releases more songs like these, I think she will get more airplay so people can discover her. Truly easy-listening, I even love it more in mash-up form.

031 One Direction - Best Song Ever

This is now what I call… plagiarism? Apparently, people have compared this song to The Who, but I really don't see much resemblance other than the beginning of the song. But how can you shun these 5 boys from the UK? It's practically a tribute from one band to another. As for this song, how can you not love this? It's pretty much their 'it' song. It was hard to deny it, but even the radio eventually had to play it because of the demand. It's amazing how far these boys have made it, and I'm pretty sure there is no slowing down anytime. May they break everyone's hearts once they all get married off (there's only 4 left!)

Those are the 10 songs for today! Let me know what you think with a comment below C":

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