Friday, December 26, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 50 to 41

So tell me that you love these games...

050 Shakira ft Carlinhos Brown - La La La (Brasil 2014)

An improvement from the original, as it has more to deliver. For the Fifa World Cup, it shows that only Shakira is always qualified to sing the theme for the games. It gives a whole new meaning to the song, as it gives people the strength and energy to accept the challenge and defeat their fears. It's do or die on the floor, so you better get into it. It's time to feel the passion burning in your soul.

049 Zeds Dead ft Twin Shadow & D’Angelo - Lost You

Random songs tend to pop up on the radio, and this one was the most fascinating. It sends you into a high that you never want to leave behind. It's falsettos overload, but just enough before going beyond the edge. It's rather a simple song, but I can't get enough of its addictive repetitions. There is nothing more impressive than a continuous beat that doesn't get sick after a minute or two.

048 Gwen Stefani - Baby Don’t Lie

Out of the blue, Gwen Stefani releases new music - excellent. There nothing more satisfying than the sounds of familiar voices coming back into your life. A little bit reminiscent to her No Doubt Days, the exotically infectious sounds are hypnotic and blasts off into an unknown territory. Pretty strong for the first single, I expect greater sounds from Stefani soon enough. 2015 will be hers to claim.

047 Kiesza - Hideaway

The Canadian that made one of the biggest impacts in Dance music, by far! Whether it's her impressive moves, or her incredible vocal range, Kiesza makes a debut unlike any other act. The 90s influenced track goes to show that people miss their old days, and she gives what the people want. Left in awe, there is more to expect from Kiesza, and hopefully, it keeps getting better for her.

046 Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd - Really Don’t Care

Not exactly a gay anthem, but she uses this song as Grand Marshall of L.A. Pride; at least it's a very catchy song. Just when you think she's only good for slow songs, Lovato jumps out of the water, teaming wit Cher Lloyd to create some Bubblegum Pop so sweet, it might give you a tooth ache. But, it's no problem for me, as it's nice to see her shake things up. Damn, does she look good on that cover.

045 Iggy Azalea ft MØ - Beg For It

I can't get enough of this song. The instrumental is enough to make me lose my mind, and the production is amazing! She knows how make a hit, and I'm pretty sure this one will be big in 2015. She ain't letting anyone in, they have to prove that they are well worth her time. Playing smart is sexy, just like the song itself. And MØ is the addition that makes the song key. The New Classic is ballin' here.

044 Calvin Harris ft John Newman - Blame

Liking the retro feeling in this song, mixed in with the contemporary issues to make a modern story. It questions whether one can forgive another for the mistakes under the influence. And John Newman as the featured vocals? Yes, please! If anything, he adds depth to the song, while Harris puts the emotion in the breaks between his vocals. More of this pairing, and my life is complete.

043 The Saturdays - Not Giving Up

I gave the British act a chance, and I was very pleased with the result. For the first time listening to them, I must say it's highly entertaining of a song that goes into overdrive the moment the chorus rings in. Its tempo is so fast that you only wish for it to go faster, only to be saddened once it's over. It's a great metaphor for love: wanting to rush the bad in order to get the good. More please.

042 Jhené Aiko - The Worst

Another act I just discovered, and I wish I had known earlier. She is the most deceptive artist I've seen in a while, looking elegant on the red carpet but singing mature subjects in her song. Take this one, filled with tragedy and complexity that makes one wonder why do we do this to ourselves. It is hard to take in, but necessary to process out the emotions. Remarkable and unforgettable.

041 Nikki Yanofsky - Necessary Evil

Testing out the Pop waters, it's a risk that was well worth her time. Yanofsky is well known for her smooth Jazz, but ever she likes to try a different sound once in a while. And leaves me in shock, with the attitude and the diva powers enthralled into this little song. Once again, it's the problematic issues we all are willing to try to see what comes next. A well-produced song, while staying true to herself.

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