Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 100 of 2014: 70 to 61

I wish that I could listen to all the advice that I give away...

Everything that she makes, I simply adore. I believe that the stylings in the music here is a perfect representation on herself. It's full of grace, with deception hiding underneath. As she continues to discover her sound, I feel like her confidence is shining throughout her lyrics. The strongest song she has released so far, though I do wish that it got more attention.

069 Imagine Dragons - I Bet My Life

What a nice surprise at the end of the year. This Gospel jumbo-mumbo works for them, and it's great to hear a more uplifting sound similar to their first single. There is this rebellion-tension passion within the melody, and not even fear can stare them in the eye. It's time for them to make their own choices and face the problems on their own. All in the process of growing up.

068 Lea Michele - On My Way

The actress well known as Rachel Berry on Glee has released her first album, and it's quite impressive. This song particularly caught my eye with its visuals (trying to break from the image they are portrayed in media), and there is no holding back for Michele. Desperate measures is how to describe the song, but the intensity takes you to great heights. The fire burning in her soul is bright.

067 Maroon 5 - Animals

'Creepy' is all I have to say about this song. I'm rather surprised by how much attention this song is getting lately, because the video is just, odd, even if it's a literal translation of the song. I guess what makes this a good song is the fact that they took a risk - plus, the random howling before the song ends... It's just strange. I wonder what comes next for these boys (but also, brace yourselves).

066 Miami Horror ft Sarah Chernoff - Real Slow

At work, they would play a remixed version of this song, but I don't understand what's wrong with the original. Sure, it's unusually slower than their other material, but I am infatuated with its stylings and its genuine sex appeal. Simple, but classic is how I would describe this song. Perfect for any situation, as it allows you to unwind and take a breather. Your mind at peace sounds like this.

065 Shakira ft Rihanna - Can’t Remember To Forget You

Shakira & Rihanna, what more can you ask? They're stuck in this dilemma where they should forget this loser, but they can't resist the way it felt before, all sung to a tropical rhythm. The rock influence adds a dimension of persona, and creates a nice middle for their voices to match. With such drama, how can one resist to look away from such a song? Stupid head, with their counter-intuitive ideas.

064 John Newman - Out Of My Head

John Newman's theme revolves around the toils and emotions that run through a breakup, but this one is truly heart wrenching. Where his other songs have an upbeat tempo, this one is slowed down and the emotions come pouring out, with such parallels coming from every corner of this song. Truly an outstanding piece, I just can't get enough of the Newman. He is one exciting act.

063 MAGIC! - Don’t Kill The Magic

A Canadian Reggae band! Now that they've got everyone's attention, there is no slowing down for them. I especially love this song, because of the theatrics, and easy guitar riff of the song. It's effortless, tragic, but also hopeful. There is nothing that they wouldn't do and when it's worth fighting for, the curiosity never dies. An enchanting piece, all in the name of love.

Love him or not, he is a talented being. Although it may not be the strongest single he's produced, Timberlake knows a love ballad, and will sing with all of his might. There were times when I was iffy about the song, mainly because I'm more use to his dance tracks, but it's a solid change, and that warm feeling gets to you so bad, you will hate the fact that you love it so much.

061 Mary Lambert - Secrets

Hands down, she is the most adorable on this list! After receiving attention in Macklemore's 'Same Love,' she comes out with her own music, and it is the best. It's an anthem for standing up for yourself, it shouldn't bother anyone about the facts of one's life. After all, there is only one to live, so take the chance and see where it takes you. Sooner or later, someone will find out. Just share it d":

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