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Eggs: Songs 1051 to 1060

Play whatever feels right, and you will be satisfied for sure :"D

Song #1054: It's mostly 'cause i'm into everything and everyone...

Song 1051: Chihiro & DJ Deckstream - Bye-Bad-Bye

The store I worked at only played songs in Japanese... it was a Japanese store. Some of it I enjoyed, but this one I loved so much. Thank goodness they tell what is being played - I just had to search through 24 artists -_-"

At first, I thought it was a love song; I was somewhat right. It's all about a bad relationship that has to come to an end. Refer to the original, and you'll understand. When it comes to the remix, you feel a different element with it. So well done, it's quite amazing.

Song 1052: Captain Jack - Only You

This is a quirky little love song - it's so cute :"3

I think it's one of my favourite songs from DDR, because there's yodelling, the army, and one thing that never dies: true emotions for another. And if all the hoochie mamas and big guys throw their hands up, you know it's going to be a good time right here. The nostalgic sound is a nice touch, but I think it could have ended better. Either that, or the song could be longer. It's feel-good happy days, what else could you ask for? Brings me back to elementary day-dreams...

Song 1053: 98 Degrees - Hardest Thing

I believe this was the first time I've heard of them. The music video caught my attention - was kind of scared.

At the age of seven/eight, there is violence on your screen with such a sad song; it makes you want to cry. Do you love someone so much that you feel it's best to let them go? That would be a tough call if that's where the relationship is heading. But I don't know what's worse: knowing that you can't treat them right, or that you have feelings for them. When it comes to love, everything is on the line. That must hurt.

Song 1054: Amie Yoshitake - Eggs

She is one amazing piece of talent! Her presence on stage is so warming, I hope she performs more often.

One word to describe this song: me. I never want to say how I feel, but I am dying to know if they like me back. Maybe you are not the one, and I'll find someone, but for now, I need to know - do I ask you? Everything is on the line, so I must think carefully about this. This song is so good, and it gets better with every listen. I may not like the food that much, but I do really love this song. May there be more to come!

Song 1055: BBMak - Back Here

One damn good British boy band, I wish there were more songs from them. I love this song so much!

It starts off a bit serious, but that's because he realizes that he's done wrong to the one he loves. Nothing feels right, and he needs to tell them exactly what's on his mind. The rhythm is so good in this, very simple, but well satisfied every time I listen to this. If anything needs to come back, it's a trio that can play their instruments and sing what their heart is telling them. This is pop-rock, and it's awesomely brilliant.

Song 1056: Shakira ft Timbaland & Flo Rida - Give It Up To Me (Demo Version)

I didn't realize that there was a different version of this song. This is the official version. The difference? The rappers - the demo version seems a bit rough in my opinion, but it has more energy to it.

Cool beat, I like that 'popping' sound in the beginning. It has this powerful vibe to it - not really sure how so, but it feels almost demanding in a good way. Just remember: karma can be a good thing when you want it to be. So do nice things to her, and she'll return the favour. Oh, she knows how to please the crowd.

Song 1057: Skye Sweetnam - Imaginary Superstar

The perfect situation when you're either home alone, or just rocking it in your room. I think Skye's got the teenage repertoire down to a tee - sweet.

I'm pretty sure we've done this at least once in our lives: crank up your favourite tune, singing to the top of your lungs, and keep going until you pass out. Yes, that's the lifestyle that we all admire. And since no one is watching, you can do whatever you like. That's the greatest thing about your fantasies, you get to call all the shots. A must sing into your brushophone song!

Song 1058: Christina Aguilera - Keeps Gettin' Better

She never was afraid to try new sounds, you got to admire her for that. So this song was interesting, a little bit darker, but all good pop fun.

You don't know what to expect with this girl, because one day she's this, the next she's that. When you see the different sides of her, you'll realize she is one heck of a girl. The sound is a bit dark, but it suits the attitude that she's wearing. I do admit that the music video could have been better, and this commercial should be extended. Let's see what she'll try next.

Song 1059: Tiësto ft Nelly Furtado - Who Wants To Be Alone

My friend made lyric videos a long time ago - here is his for this song. At first, I was amazed that it was Nelly Furtado, and that she had a new sound. Maybe she should try this out, because I really like this!

The beat is amazing, it gets you up on your feet and it makes you want to be with someone. After all, the song is all about hooking up at the club. But like all cases, you're afraid to make a move, and hopefully your interest comes to you first. Dance the night away, and take me home when morning breaks C";

Song 1060: Hilary Duff - Dignity

If Hollywood needs a reminder to keep their head up, look no further than this song. You go preach it girl!

So what if you look hot and stuff? It doesn't matter, especially with that personality that you're wearing. Nothing's more of a turn-off than being all catty and stuff. You got to go beyond the superficial things in life to make it through this business, take it from Miss Duff. And this is all sung to one awesome beat - heavy guitars, loud drums, it's kind of sexy. At the end of the day, your pride is all you've got.

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