Thursday, March 27, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Avicii

Probably one of the hottest DJs at the moment, he certainly knows what the biggest thing that will happen next in music. My friend refers to him as her 'prince,' so that must a good sign, right? Let's take a look at the musical history of one genius DJ...


"Seek Bromance" is a totally different sound from where he is today... But is it in the Best?

[5] Seek Bromance

One reason to love this song: Amanda Wilson. Back when he was Tim Berg, it's incredible that I only found this song last year. Still a personal favourite of mine, especially the ending of the video d":

[4] Fade Into Darkness

Pretty sure I have heard this background so many times, only the lyrics are new to me. It's like typical mid-2000 classic stylings of Dance music, and it was so good. Maybe it'll come back again? Maybe...

[3] My Feelings For You

Repetition of the vocals are magical - when the vocals are good, of course. And jumping into games are even better, because you'll never know where love will take you; hence, the title of the song c";

[2] Levels

I'm pretty sure everyone knew that Flo Rida sampled the song, and that's how they eventually found this gem. The dance is creepily awesome, and the beat can mix with absolutely any song. A goodie.

[1] Wake Me Up

This is thinking one step ahead of the rest. Can't get over the idea that collaborating two genres of music can create such an incredible piece like so. Hope more incredible pieces like this will come.

[WORST] Hey Brother

The song never clicked with me, though I do enjoy the Square-Dancing-Hokey background music. For me, the vocals here are too... comical, like it's not being a serious song. Meh, onto the next one...

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