Friday, March 14, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Britney Spears

Let's see, which artist have I not done for ladies' week? She's iconic, legendary, and the Queen of Pop music. What else is there to say? This entry goes to none other than...

Britney Spears

Does "Baby One More Time" get into the countdown?

[5] Baby One More Time

Her debut single is still one of the best songs she's ever made. It's goofy and fun, and it represents who she is: not such an innocent girl d": But either way, a fantastic beginning to her epic career.

[4] Stronger

Although it doesn't really sound like her in the song, it's still one of my favourites for the message it delivers: look for yourself, because you were no good for me. And also, sound effects of thunder :"D

[3] I'm A Slave 4 U

Initially, I didn't like the song because it was too... provocative when it was released (I was 9 then). Also, I couldn't see it on basic cable. But now grown up, it's the damn sexiest thing I've heard!

[2] Overprotected

Another song that gets to me based on its message. Have you ever felt trapped and unsure of what you want to do? This is the song, right here. It's dramatic, and wild, just like Spears herself d":

[1] (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop Remix!)

It's funky, fresh, and cool! Everything about this song is worthy of the top spot, especially with the sudden STOP! just to make sure you're paying attention. A fantastic way to end the 90s era if you ask.

[Worst] Radar

Of all the songs that I had to choose, I decided this as the Worst Song mainly for the message it sends. I mean, it's not likely of her to choose a man that's full of himself (proof: Womanizer).

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