Thursday, March 13, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Rihanna

With an artist that changes her style all the time, it only makes it harder to pick my favourite songs by this artist. Guess you can say that I prefer her 'softer' side, but she can master any genre given to her. Now, let's rank the best songs by...


"Pon De Replay" seemed such a time ago... But does it land anywhere?

[5] You Da One

It's her cutest song to date, and I can't help myself but smile so wide that it hurts. I do love the video, though it doesn't match any part of the song whatsoever. Regardless, love that tropical sound.

[4] Only Girl (In The World)

Easy, breezy, and beautiful! "Loud" was a great era, I wish there was more of this Rihanna that lasted longer. Yes, she does scream at times, but I'm pretty sure you're doing the same when hearing it d";

[3] If It's Lovin' That You Want

Oh, look how young she was in this clip! This usually happens to me, when I end up preferring the second single over the first. It's innocent, cheesy, and I couldn't be more satisfied with this song.

[2] Umbrella

Possibly her biggest hit that she's ever made, it's practically the city's theme song (it rains a lot where I live). No matter what happens, she'll always be there for you. Not to mention, Jay-Z adds the flare.

[1] Hate That I Love You

Forever and always, my favourite song. "Good Girl Gone Bad" was the best era, it had every sound. This duet with Ne-Yo shows everything I love about her, and why she deserves to be on top.

[WORST] Wait Your Turn

"Rated R" was an interesting turn for Rihanna, but most of the songs were not chart-toppers. This one, she's basically talking and acting like a bad girl... Maybe too bad? Either way, not her best.

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