Tuesday, March 25, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Kaskade

I wouldn't exactly consider this DJ as commercial compared to others, however, no matter what the trend is in music, it seems that his music never goes out of style - that must mean the people adore him. So let's rank the songs by the American Boy...


You think older hits like "Be Still" makes the countdown?

[5] Atmosphere

I love how it begins, it's rather misleading to think it unravels into an electro-sound. But that's what I love about DJs: they can make anything into sweet, beautiful music. And I must say, this is chill.

[4] I Remember

Steady and calm, but electrifying at the same time. I love how it builds and builds, while the vocals introduce a new dimension into the sound. Certainly keeps you on the tip of your toes with this one.

[3] Fire In Your New Shoes

If it wasn't for Kaskade, we may have never seen a whole new side of Dragonette. This makes so much sense, you question why it wasn't done earlier. The attitude and the spunk makes it complete!

[2] Move For Me

Intensity, check. Sultry voice, check. The formula for a perfect lounge-dance-esque type of song. It's fantastic when there is a balance of relaxing while also wanting to move to the music in these songs.

[1] 4AM

This is the reason why DJs are true artists: for songs like these. I am amazed when acoustic versions are released, because it shows me what talent a DJ really has. The most beautiful sound ever created.

[WORST] Dynasty

If I had to pick the Worst Song by Kaskade, it would have to be this one. Though I love Haley's voice, I think this is too, unconventional of Kaskade to make. Feels like scraps combined here.

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