Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Deadmau5

No matter where I go, seems like this DJ is a crowd favourite. Whether it's the cold of winter or any plain Wednesday, I cannot escape this presence of him. One of the best Canadian DJs out there, let's see which 5 are the Best & which 1 is the Worst of...


"Faxing Berlin" will be in this Best 5? Click on to find out...

[5] Some Chords

Sometimes it's the simplest of songs that can impress me, and this one does the trick. Think of it as pump-up music to give you the motivation you just need. Slow and steady is all you need to win c";

[4] The Veldt

The video does scare me, it reminds me too much of the game Limbo mashed up with a realistic version of The Lion King. Either way, the song is full of pixie dust and wonder; it's fantastic indeed!

[3] Raise Your Weapons

No matter which version you enjoy (this is my favourite), it's truly a creative piece made by Deadmau5. His ingenuity and dynamics are mixed in here, and I actually don't mind the dirty bits d";

[2] Ghosts 'N' Stuff

There was something about this song that instantly clicked with me. Not sure if it was the lyrics, or the beat. The mix between the two were just the key ingredients that made my year (back in 2009).  

[1] Strobe

Just discovered this song back in 2013, and I can't believe the masterpiece that it is. With such a buildup, it's incredible how he makes 10 minutes of bliss with such smooth lead ways. Amazing.

[WORST] Hi Friend

Rather pop-cultered influenced, don't you think? Not like of Deadmau5 to make a piece that can only be described (in my opinion) as 'douche-y.' I really couldn't think of a better word, but it is, isn't it?

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