Friday, March 21, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Justin Timberlake

To end this week's theme of March Madness, here is the artist that made a big comeback in 2013. Though his recent music is a little slower than his previous efforts, there's no denying that this man can sing. And everyone was happy once again. So let's rank the Best (& Worst) songs by...

Justin Timberlake

Will "Like I Love You" come in the Best 5? 1 Worst?

[5] SeƱorita

Blame the brother that kept playing this song on repeat. When it was released, I wasn't much a fan of this song. But years later, I've gotten into the groove of it, and he's quite the sweet talker in this one.

[4] SexyBack

Never understood the megaphone effect on the vocals, but the beat is certainly thumping and pumping d"; Rather slow for a dance track, but it's much better when it's slower... It's time to party.

[3] Cry Me A River

Who would have thought that a breakup song would have been so successful? Despite the inspiration behind the single, it's really disheartening and dark. But the raw emotions come to life here.

[2] Mirrors

Wouldn't exactly consider this as a ballad, but this piece was addicting every time I heard it. Possibly one of his best slow jams, and it shows the true meaning of what love is all about. Well done, Justin.

[1] My Love

What he is well known: falsettos, his moves, and impeccable style. Everything about this single represents him, not to mention teaming up with Timbaland and T.I. makes this simply the best.

[WORST] What Goes Around... Comes Around

This is "Cry Me A River, Part 2." Got it the first time, there is no need to reiterate what has been done. Time to move along and get over it... Perhaps it's time to build that bridge? And the acting...

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