Monday, March 3, 2014

5 Best, 1 Worst Of: S Club 7

This month is known as March Madness. And though it may not be like Basketball, I'm giving you 6 songs every week day, 5 fantastic singles, and 1 that didn't wasn't that great. This week, it's all about bands. And what better way to begin than with one of my favourites...

S Club 7

Does "Bring It All Back" make the list? Find out...

[5] You

Everything about this song is perfection, from the 50s vibe to the future technology - it's like the Jetsons in real life! For the song, it blends the cheeky and cheesy together, just like the band!

[4] Natural

Sampling Pavane, this is one of my favourite singles from the band. It was mysterious, Rachel's vocals are enchanting, and it's quite empowering without going overboard. It brings back memories.

[3] You're My Number 1

The perfect alternative to say "I love you." It's humorous, but I think it's adorable. Says everything when one gets the feeling, and without a doubt, this is one of the best love songs ever made.

[2] Bring It All Back

What started their career, they kicked it off with a catchy ear worm that can never escape my head. This is what began my obsession, and this song gives you a positive outlook to life - yeah!

[1] S Club Party

I'm pretty sure this is everyone's favourite song, hands down. With ghetto boys and hoochie mamas, what else do you need? When this is played, know that there ain't no party like an S Club Party

[WORST] Say Goodbye

True, this isn't S Club 7, but still S Club nonetheless. Simply the worst for this reason: it was their farewell song, and it's sad to see them go their own separate ways. If they reunite, hope that they never break up again.

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