Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: P!nk

Back in 2000, a young woman with a rebellious attitude showed that she wasn't going to play nice in the music industry... To this day, she stays true to herself. One of the most challenging countdowns I have made so far, let's get to the best songs by Alecia Moore, otherwise known better as...


With hot pink hair, "There You Go" was certainly memorable. But is it in the Top 5?

[5] I Don't Believe You

Recently it seems that P!nk has been releasing more ballads, and I truly love it when she shows her soft side. This one has to be the best one, don't think I've ever seen her so fragile before.

[4] Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

It's just a joy whenever I listen to this song. Just goes to show that even though you've said the same message before, it can still sound fresh as the first time and that people love it when you're you.

[3] Don't Let Me Get Me

A teen anthem? In some way, it shows all the struggles a person goes through the middle ages from child to adulthood. And honestly, who doesn't go through that? My favourite song of hers as a child.

[2] Get The Party Started

I'm pretty sure this is the song that everyone plays at some type of dance gathering. It's fun, as it's rather friendly, yet silly enough for all to enjoy. Plus, not to mention, Dame Shirley Bassey's version.

[1] Raise Your Glass

A song for everyone, because it essentially describes who P!nk is all about: being herself. If the last 4 songs didn't get that message straight, let this be the one that shows it's cool to be whatever you want.

[WORST] Glitter In The Air

I know, I know: how can this be? I will say the performance is amazing, but the song is so boring! It is slower, but I just didn't care much for this song. Never really interested me, not one bit.

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