Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Ne-Yo

This artist was given his well known name when someone was describing his artistic skills. Oddly enough, it stuck with him, and it never went away. Years later, we can find the artist still relevant, and can't wait to see what else he's got planned in his music. So let's rank the songs by...


"Stay" was a fun way to premiere Ne-Yo. But is it in this Best 5?

[5] Closer

Growing up with his sound, this darker yet haunting song leaves you wanting more with just the lyrical content. Though it's not his strongest vocal track, he still makes you swoon with this piece.

[4] So Sick

I thought this was his first song. When it came out, my brother wouldn't stop playing this song on repeat. That said, it was a great break from love songs upon its release, and still sad as ever.

[3] Stay

Possibly the song that made me fall in love with Ne-Yo. This is thanks to WongFu Productions, and their fun little video, making this undeniably catchy and an instant cheer-up track whenever needed.

[2] Sexy Love

This is how a love song is done. It's not over the top, it's simple, and it still stays classy. I especially enjoy the duet, in my opinion it works better. Sung solo or as a duet, it shows the softer side of him.

[1] Because Of You

Not too fast, not too slow, this is the perfect song by Ne-Yo. It's unexplainable why he's feeling it, but he knows that it's all due to one person. Melodic, and it amounts to emotions that everyone relates to.

[WORST] Lazy Love

Honestly speaking, this single is rather, well, tasteless. If it's showcasing anything, it's how great of a lover he is... It's too much information, and though he looks great in the video, it's too revealing.

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