Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Maroon 5

 Sometimes I think they're brilliant, while other times I can't stand them. To my sister, the lead singer is her wallpaper on her phone. And to celebrate her new age (I shall not tell you!), today's Best & Worst song comes from none other than...

 Maroon 5

"Harder To Breathe" came out in 2002... But does it place anywhere?

[5] Moves Like Jagger

I'm not certain about the appeal of Mick Jagger, but there is no doubt that this song is entertaining. Certainly a hit that gets everyone out of their seat. Even if you don't know how to move like a rock star, fake it.

[4] Sunday Morning

One of the giddiest songs they ever made, it's super chill without being lazy. From the vocal range to the joining of everyone at the end, it is the anthem for the day that should be spent with your loved ones...

[3] Payphone

While on the subject of love, there are many sides of it. For example, there is this piece. Showing the bitter end of a relationship, it shows that love is more complex than what music displays it to be.

[2] This Love

This is probably the first song I heard from them, and it's still gold. I will admit that I didn't understand what was going on in the video (I was about 12 when I saw it), but regardless of that, it's contagious to sing along.

[1] She Will Be Loved

And here we have what may be one of the most romantic songs in history. No love story is greater than the one where the hero saves the broken soul, ensuring that everything will be alright in the scheme of things.

[WORST] One More Night

I just dread everything about this song, from the 'woo'-ing section to the whining background music. It's pretty bland compared to other singles they have created, they can certainly do much better than this.

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