Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5 Best, 1 Worst Of: Aqua

They may be iconic for one song, but they are nostalgic for their two things: their style of music, and their style of music videos. Without further introduction, let's rank the singles by...


"Roses Are Red" was their first single... Does it chart though?

[5] Turn Back Time

Rarely do they do a ballad, and this was wonderfully done. I believe it was for a film, but I wonder where their career would have gone if there were more songs like this. Truly a gem of a song.

[4] My Oh My

I love the introduction to this song, from the galloping to the, medieval piano? Quite elaborate for an Aqua song, and I absolutely love the pirate theme for the video - they just had fun with their videos!

[3] Cartoon Heroes

The only song from their second album that charts on my countdown, this song is the most epic sounding adventure you'll ever go through music. And of course, animation never disappoints c":

[2] Barbie Girl

And here we have the most popular song they made, probably because everyone loved how it was all about the typical life of a doll. Honestly, who wouldn't want to be plastic (it's fantastic!)

[1] Doctor Jones

This was perfection: the voices were not too high-pitched, the video is a journey through the amazons, and it's all about love (aw!) And nothing beats true love like going all the way for them :"3

[WORST] How R U Doin?

I will admit that it was hard to pick a song that would be deemed as the worst, but sometimes it's when they try to adventure into new grounds, like they did in 2011 - where's the creativity?

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