Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Selena Gomez

Although she may have started as a band, she was probably better known as a solo artist. That, and she's my future wife. Let's shine light on the beauty that will always be...

Selena Gomez

"Tell Me Something I Don't Know" was her first single (I think). Where will it land though?

[5] Slow Down

Addicting, this song is. She may want to spend more time with you on the floor, but you can't help it with the sticky beat that makes you want to dance and get close to her. After all, she's not being coy.

[4] Love You Like A Love Song

Be honest: you could not escape this song once it came out. It's generally a cute song that had all the essentials to be a hit: cheesy lyrics and corny karaoke clips in the video. What more could you ask?

[3] Come & Get It

Say goodbye to innocence, and hello to the new era! Being subtile yet elegant, she proves that being sexy doesn't require wearing less clothes. And the snake-charmer kind of vibe works well on her.

[2] Hit The Lights

From the moment I heard this song, I knew it was going to be a hit. Taking chances never felt so liberating, and I can't help but resonate with its free spirit of the song. Truly a masterpiece of hers.

[1] Who Says

And this is the sole reason to love Selena: showing that self-esteem is truly the most beautiful asset a person can have. It's the anthem for those who don't need anyone to tell you who you are - you can.

[WORST] Falling Down

At the beginning, her career as an artist was questionable, especially with this song. Though it's visually appealing, the lyrics are cringe-worthy. And let's not talk about the vocals, it's too much pain.

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