Friday, March 28, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Calvin Harris

Who else to end DJ week with none other than the DJ who also sings in his songs! He is well talented, well rounded, and good looking too! Here's to the DJ that can possibly do anything. Here to end DJ week, I present to you...

Calvin Harris

"The Girls" may be the first single by Harris, but is it in the Best?

[5] Let's Go

This honestly reminds me of any competition show, how the contestants want to win more than anything. After all, they need a theme for crunch time. Adding Ne-Yo makes it more intense though.

[4] Thinking About You

Otherwise known for its romantic lyrics, this song says what's on one's mind when it comes to love: their significant other. Well composed, and that rhythm gets me all the time. Certainly lounge music.

[3] I'm Not Alone

It only took the first verse that made me fall in love with this song. I believe this was the first song I heard from him, and it shows that such a drastic sound can make the song alone. It gives me chills.

[2] Feel So Close

Not only can this song be mashed up with just about anything, but it also adds the void that was missing for some time. It's the simplest of sounds that show the intensity of the song altogether.

[1] I Need Your Love

Pumped up jam that wants one thing out of it: some time well spent together c"; And with Ellie Goulding as vocals on the track, who are you to say you can't give it all away? Link to Top 100 here!

[WORST] You Use To Hold Me

Let's call this my least favourite song of Calvin Harris. Compared to such wonderful hits (the 5 above), this one lacks content. Don't get me wrong, it's fun, but... well, he's improved for better.

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