Monday, March 17, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Bruno Mars

Continuing March Madness, it's now turn for the men to be ranked and positioned. Let's start the week right with a talented young man who debuted 5 years ago. So let's get to list of...

Bruno Mars

Seems like "Just The Way You Are" never gets old... But which spot does it land in?

[5] Gorilla

One of his newer hits, I think this is sexy yet tamed. Though the video does not hide its modesty, it really showcases that he's growing up and trying new sounds. Love it when an artist takes a risk.

[4] Grenade

Dramatic and cynical, if you ask me. All of the things he would do for unrequited love, it's pure pain in this song. However, I can never get passed by its utter catchiness despite the dark message.

[3] Just The Way You Are

His debut is still one of the best, saying it simply that no one has to change. Be yourself, and you will be loved. This was the beginning of the Casanova, and the rest was swinging, swooning history.

[2] It Will Rain

Who knew there would be something good out of Twilight? I mean, did you even see this coming? I didn't, but the results are astonishing. The composition is excellent, and hope to hear more like this.

[1] Treasure

Only released in 2013, and this is hands down the best song he has ever made! It sparkles with nostalgia, and he got it on key. If he stays stuck in this era, I wouldn't mind one bit :"D

[WORST] The Lazy Song

The video is funny, I will admit that. It's the lyrics that made me lose my appetite. You can have a day off from reality, but please don't be so... explicit. There really should be censored bits in this song!

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