Wednesday, March 19, 2014

5 Best 1 Worst Of: Kanye West

True, his heads may be in the clouds at the moment, but let's not forget the great pieces this artist has made throughout his career. The material of his music does change from each album, but it shows how much we appreciate him as an artist. I believe he's the only rapper being showcased, so let's get into the 5 Best 1 Worst of...

Kanye West

Didn't know "Through The Wire" was his first single - does it land in the Best 5?

[5] Good Life

From "Graduation," the style is visually stunning. That said, teaming up with T-Pain makes a pleasant sound of finally making it in the real world. Oh yeah, this is what my life is going to be one day. Just watch.

[4] Paranoid

True, Mr. West is not much of a singer, however, this one was not a bad attempt - and it is strange how no one complained when he used auto tune. Great piece, it's pretty much a funny love song d":

[3] Love Lockdown

Another single from "808s & Heartbreak," I found it thrilling when he performed it. It's raw emotion, and it's full of power that doesn't seem to match up to his current music. This was a fantastic era from Kanye.

[2] Jesus Walks

Beautifully daunting, this song is the main reason why Kanye West is still relevant. He pushed the barriers with this piece, allowing more people to freely discuss about serious situations that everyone wants to hear.

[1] Touch The Sky

With his ego and his incredible lyrics, this pretty much sums up him in a song. Exciting and a throwback, there's nothing more you could ask from the rapper who calls himself king - truly, he's on top of the world.


Every time he ends a sentence, there's the wretched scream for no apparent reason. I'm sure the message is great, but it's far too creepy from the masterpieces he has made before in his career. Please end this era, pronto!

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