Thursday, February 23, 2012

...Baby One More Time: Songs 331 to 340

This just got real... yeah really doesn't work without the bad words. Lots of emotions in each song!

Song #333: There's nothing that I wouldn't do, it's not the way I planned it...

Song 331: 3LW - No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)

I find it strange that they started out with 'mature' music, and ended up (for two members) singing kids tunes for Disney.

But otherwise, this was the time that auto tune was used for the effects, not because they couldn't sing. I like the simplicity of how it sounds, and sure the message is typical girl group, but street style? Well, they dance in the middle of a street in the video.

Ah, the old days when girl groups were all around.

Song 332: Mandy Moore - Cry

Oh my, the timeless classic film. Nicholas Sparks has to be one rich author, cause all of his novels are becoming movies.

Here is my all time favourite Mandy Moore song, it's beautiful and if I hear it on the radio, it makes my day. The melody, the lyrics, everything is perfect with this song. I wish that someday I find someone who will open their heart to me and let their emotions all out. Jaime was one special person, and changed Landon's life. Cheesy, yes, but I can't get enough of this song.

Song 333: Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time

Let's go back to when I was seven: flipping through the channels, and out came a new video on the HitList. From toe tapping to pencil flicking, a girl with pink pom poms in her hair waits for the bell to ring. Then she sings her song - my life has been changed.

I was so excited when I saw this for the first time, I wanted to do what she did on the TV. She was the reason I wanted to start singing. I didn't care what came out of her mouth, it was fun! But every time I hear this song, a big smile creeps on my face and my awkward dance moves come in - that includes interpretive. The song that started it all, and let me say it has to be the best.

Song 334: Cascada - How Do You Do

It's catchy, but I really don't know what she's talking about. Probably a stupid message, but I love how there's a dramatic pause and she begins to speak about how her interest is like a model in a magazine?

Yeah, I'm not really sure where this is going. But the beat is nice, repeated guitar strum will work on me anytime! For some reason, I imagine dancing in the streets and surfing with this song... is that the right vibe? It's not bad, but the lyrics would have been written differently. Either that, or it's just me...

Song 335: Katy Perry - E.T. (Futuristic Lover)

The one I listened to does not have Kanye West. I really don't understand what he adds to the song, but nonetheless, they won an award.

Does the beat remind you of another song? Maybe that's why i like it. No, it's all Katy Perry! Only she can describe her lover as a figure that no one has seen. Do the exist? Of course they do! There is one out there for me, and I can't wait to meet them. My favourite part of the song is part of the rhythm, I describe it as the 'dinosaur' sound. Weird, but works.

Song 336: Nelly Furtado - Night Is Young

This is a nice way to present a greatest hits album. It's like a mix of her old material with the new, and the result is quite nice. Choirs, trust, and violins is all it takes to have a good time!

It's all about expressing yourself, and that opportunities should be taken when it's the right time. She is in love, and anything can happen with her and her lover. While we're still young, let's enjoy this time and take chances and get messy. Furtado knows what I'm talking about, just do it! You'll be glad you did.

Song 337: Wham! - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

Nothing like the 80s to get a party started! I got this song when I saw this - TV just knows how to pick the best songs.

This makes me so happy, I just want to snap my fingers cause of the intro! I guess George Michael refers his love as 'jitterbug,' which is odd but cute, cause they came creeping and all of a sudden he's in love. He can't stop thinking about them and wants to go dancing. Who doesn't want to go dancing with their loved one. You can't leave them hanging!

Song 338: Paul Frees - I'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake

I'm not really sure who Professor Ludwig Von Drake was, until I heard this song. And my, he's got quite a lot to say. May it be his accent or the fact that he knows everything, but it's quite entertaining.

There is a polka-feeling to it, like I should dance a certain way to it. Really, it's just silly and kind of an honour since not everyone has their own song when it comes to Disney characters. Where has he gone? Not sure, but pretty sure he pops up once in a while. Now if he can help me with my homework...

Song 339: Will Young - Anything Is Possible

The show that started a phenomenon all began in the UK, and this was their idol. Thanks to the HitList, I was introduced to Will Young, and possibly the sweetest song I've ever heard.

Isn't there someone who inspires you to be the best and reach for your heart's desires? That's my mom, I sang this for her. Love the message, makes you feel that you can conquer any challenge. If someone believes in you, that is all you need for motivation.

Song 340: k-os - Sunday Morning

All my favourite songs played in this list! There is no correct interpretation for this song, so here is mine: everyday seems the same until you find someone special, and makes everyday feel different. There is a lot of power that some people hold, hopefully you find your sorcerer soon!

The beat is awesome, I love the random kids yelling, and the fact that k-os is singing makes me happy. He has a good voice! I feel hypnotized when I listen to it, like I'm under his spell. I'm OK with that, cause everything is alright when it comes to k-os. Please come back to earlier work like this? I love this so much.

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