Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot N Cold: Songs 291 to 300

Innocent, wild, and loud! This international playlist leaves you anything but bored.

Song #300: Stuck on a roller coaster, can't get off this ride...

This has to be my favourite song from Elise Estrada, I never heard of saying "I Love You" by a letter count. That was so genius in my opinion.

The message is quite complicated, cause her lover isn't over an ex, and all she wants them to know is that her feelings are true. Haven't heard that before with such a happy tune, and it's kind of nice. I do like the chipmunk sounds in the beginning, and though there is auto tune in this track, I can live with that. Yeah, 143 may be text lingo, but it's the only lingo that I'd use.

2011 was a year full of songs with strong, meaningful lyrics - I think Lady Gaga started it with this track. Yes, it does sound like Madonna, and it has the brightest melody she's ever made. But there was a lot of impact with this song, it makes you feel good and proud of yourself. You are who you are, and no one should tell you you're not.

Give glory to the almighty, express yourself, and live life to the fullest. I love this song, I even made my own version to it. Paws up!

After-school special! That's what I think when I hear this song. I remember the video, how she's up on the theatre entrance, and never has she looked so lovely before. So airy and breezy is her voice, and when she pouts her lips... oh my!

It's so cute, and can't help but think of kids taking a stroll along the block when classes end. Is that strange? I never had that, and still would like to walk someone home. There's just something classic about that, it's not the same as driving someone home.

Song 294: BoA - Jewel Song

Sorry, I don't know what the song is about! It sounds beautiful, and with my interpretation, I'm going to say it's about her love and how much she treasures and value their affections.

Lots of beauty with the instruments alone, it's sad that you don't hear much of pianos or violins in current hits - it's all about the production. BoA is just well-rounded, never had I heard a bad song from her. If she released songs like this in English, she'd be more popular here.

Shawn Desman's sound is not that different from the past, but it's just so good! When I heard this for the first time, I was obsessed. Then they played it on repeat on the radio, which was killed... Now, I love it.

I don't really understand the video: is he a student? And he loves the teacher? But the costumes and dancing is certainly fun. Saw him live, and he was amazing! I hope he comes for an actual tour, that I'd go to.

When I'm listening to it, I imagine about a perfect night with someone special, and the endless possibilities during our time... end thought.

I never knew about the original video until recently when I was looking for the link - it's different from what I remember.

Haven't realized it before, but their songs are quite serious with the relationship pool. They're just never satisfied with what they have, huh? But I do like this song, even though they have another track that sounds familiar. I go hyper when I hear this song, just want to belt it out when it played.

Craig David, to where have you gone? You made some of the best hits. So when I heard this little ditty, I was so excited with new material. Yes, I do not know what he says when he sings fast, but I love that part.

The instrumental sounds delicate, makes me a bit sad - but that's OK. His love is all he needs to feel better; for now, he'll be restless and alone. No one deserves that, he knows his true emotions. Such a good song, there's even a Korean version of it - like it a tiny bit more cause of the video. But no one beats David.

Song 298: Graffiti6 - Free

After one listen on the radio, I downloaded this song immediately. The storyline had a lot of significance to me, even though I haven't experienced that myself. It's my crazy imagination, that's all.

I like their voice, a bit rustic with a whole lot of soul. I enjoy it, how it sounds optimistic and for some reason, I want to run through a crowd of pigeons as they fly in the sky. That is what freedom is: the ability to do whatever without any second thoughts. That's not even related to the song, but that's what I'm thinking...

She is one interesting lady, Elly Jackson. She has the androgynous look going on, but that is what makes her appealing: not your typical girl from the block.

Their songs are so catchy, but they do get a bit repetitive when you hear it too many times. This beat is addictive, and can't help but shudder my shoulders up and down - soothing describes this word. Though she's confronting someone in the song, all I want to do is move to the music.

I got to see Katy in concert for FREE, and this had to be one of the most fun performances of the night!

This is my audition song, so I got sad when I didn't think of using this for a certain talent show. I would have shown my awesome interpretive dance moves my cousin & I would do when it comes on - it's just so much fun! High energy, anger, and craziness makes this song perfect. Here's my cover to prove anything!

Just dance to it, and sing it out loud C":

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