Thursday, February 16, 2012

Back In The Day: Songs 261 to 270

There's quite the excitement in this list - bit scary, bit serious, bit silly. Let's get with today's songs.

Song #268: All I know is that you were the one I always wanted to find...

Song 261: Lady Gaga - Judas

What is controversial about this song? I don't see any reason to act up on a single about a person's name. This is like Bad Romance Part 2, just a little more serious and a tad darker.

It's fast-paced, and kind of awkward. It's about her sins, but I want to dance? When it's love, I suppose that there are times when we have to cross the line. But the video is sad, and displays truth behind a past where that tradition was practiced. Sometimes, you got to resist the bad guy.

Song 262: Anne Hathaway & Jesse McCartney - Don't Go Breaking My Heart

This is so Disney, that it's not! I must say, I enjoyed this film. Anne Hathaway does nothing wrong. Sure, there may be some other films that were questionable, but at least there's an excuse to stare at her.

I didn't know that she could sing until after this film - makes me wonder how perfect she really is. Throw in a pop star, and you have a modern day cover of one of the best songs ever. Though the link is the film version, I would prefer this one on my phone. I like her voice. So enjoyable, hope she sings more.

His songs are amazing - I'm surprised that he gave this out for free. I'm even more surprised that he's American! I swear, this has a Euro-pop kind of vibe. And any Euro music is good...

Thus comes this song, and let's say there is more to the title. It's very provocative, but I like the video game background beat. The imagination is not hard to imagine, and his voice is whiny which works with this. After all, gamers are looking for a good time too, right? Never know, they might be more fun at this game.

Ah, American Idol. This song is actually a cover, which was surprising to me. It speaks typical 'I'm the winner' type of song. But if any of those songs were to reign supreme, this one takes it.

The message is clear and that we have to seize the moment before it goes away. Take everyday like it's your last, and stop living with regrets. Very mellow rock, and I love it. It's bright and hopeful, and there's nothing wrong with that. Next time though, Allen shouldn't sing it the same way as the original.

This is my jam of the moment! The verses are hilarious, and I'm pretty sure some of it is kind of offensive. I've haven't even left the continent, but I believe that Romanians don't do that...

But seriously, Pitbull is on a roll. Recently, he makes hit after hit, and I just keep fist pumping in the air - yeah, it's hard not to when it comes on. Plus, Chris Brown's chorus is a nice touch to the song. And come on, who doesn't want a love that's out of this world? After the world has been travelled, you still the one.

Why must all the good songs come out and play in this list? I've gone crazy with this song, I'll sing it without noticing I am. It's probably because I've got a crush... now if I could only sing this out loud.

It's a bit slow, but it's a chilled song and gives me such happiness when I hear it. The tropical sound makes it fun, and who can resist such a pretty girl saying you're that person that I can't stop thinking about. Say it a few more times, and I'll be stuck in a fantasy I wish not to escape. The video is all solo, and has crotch grab.

The song of my teen days. Whenever I heard this, I felt like crying. That's not what you want to feel initially, but it's kind of healing. There's this angst to it, and I just want to make things better, regardless of what it is.

Just the anger and truth behind the song makes me feel like all hope isn't lost. Just talk, and I'll try my best to make everything better. If not, please let me be the one that takes your pain away, whatever that may be. Nothing is worse than something.

This song was everywhere, on the radio, on HitList, and on the internet. My question now is: where did it go? I love this music video, but it just disappeared out of thin air. To where have they gone?

Yes, they sample the song with the most samples, but it's so good. Anyone can make this their song, and that's what they did. Maybe I love it because a girl is singing, or the beat. Either way, it's too good of a track to forget. Please post the video up! I want to be brought back to my childhood days!

When this song first premiered, I was annoyed cause that song was playing non-stop. The last thing I needed was another Jessie J song. Then comes my friend quoting lyrics from it, and all of a sudden I changed my mind. Now I'm in love with it!

It's current, she can sing, and I love that all over the place. She feels passion, sexiness, and lots more. Now I hear it more often on the radio - sometimes on repeat. Maybe this is what love is: being knocked down and seeing where it leads to. Certainly exciting!

What a better way to end the list other than a Disney song? It's humble and I would do this if I knew how to. When you don't know what to do, just give a melody and all your problems are solved.

Who wouldn't want Jiminy Cricket as their conscience? He's so helpful and gives the best performance. He knows the right thing to do - I think we could all use some Cricket in our lives for guidance. I'm jealous of those who can whistle; maybe they have a better conscience.

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