Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Men In Black: Songs 391 to 400

It's like I'm a kid again with this list, all of the music is just that good :"D

Song #397: If you ever get near us, don't jeer us, we're the fearless...

Song 391: LFO - Girl On TV

Ah, another boy group of the early 2000s. They were awesome.

I think they were a two-hit wonder? That's better than a one-hit wonder, I suppose. But this song makes so much sense to me - pretty sure that a bunch of girls would want to be on the small screen so they would be singing about her. I mean, who doesn't have crushes of the people you see on the telly? I like that term! The problem is there's only star to share - nah, better not.

Song 392: Hilary Duff - Now You Know

Most of the songs from her movie were from her album - except for this one. But this has to be the best song from here. The only thing is, the film version is sung by someone else.

But anyways, this is a song that lets everything out, holds nothing back, and lets the truth be told. She doesn't want to hide it anymore that she wants this person so badly. Adds another love song to the list dedicated to my crush... It's told in such a lovely way, hopefully her love doesn't crush her heart. I wouldn't.

Song 393: Hayley Mills & Maurice Chevalier - Enjoy It

This came from the film In Search Of The Castaways, and from the looks of this song, it sounds rather delightful.

Haven't seen the movie before, but I think that that during hard times, you just have to go with the flow. And the duet is so sweet, kind of has an Annie essence to it. Why don't they make movies with random musical numbers anymore? Don't people like to sing out of the blue? Maybe we'd all be happier if we just had fun with whatever life brings us.

She started out as an actress and transformed into a singer. And I heard her first on the HitList. I wish this show was still on...

Sursok tells a story about, well, basically what the title says. It's so sad, and it sounds like they are still trying to work things out. It sounds though it's like a film, but it's not. I wonder why some people stay where they are, is it because they feel comfortable where they are? I don't know, but here's to hoping for the best.

The song that brought back the diva. I really like the beat, it's suave... not really sure what word to use though.

But she wants to enjoy her time, and wants to have a good time. The only thing I don't understand is when purple is taking her higher. Maybe it's something that I should not know. Creep in the piano, and ooh, it gives me the chills. But a party would be pretty awesome with Mariah Carey, and appearances with Jermaine Dupree and Fat Man Scoop make it stellar!

Fun fun fun fun! It's Rebecca Black's only appearance on this list! And I can't help but smile when this song comes on. So she made a song that you love to hate, so what? Move on...

It's actually cute, though a little bit mysterious? She's talking about a crime scene and someone has taken her heart. Who can she suspect? For me, it's my crush. Is it wrong that this song describes me to a tee? Don't know if it's love, but have to investigate.

Song 397: Will Smith - Men In Black

Why are they making another movie? I don't know, but I remember that my brother loved this film and I would always watch the animated series. It was so cool, why not bring back the nostalgia.

This is one good theme song, and it's sampled from another. Of course it's going to be brilliant! I absolutely love the video, especially when the aliens start to dance - it wouldn't be perfect without them. And you'd think it's not hard to rap since it goes slow... it is.

In my opinion, Natasha Bedingfield makes the coolest songs ever. Why don't they play her on the radio anymore? She is underrated... 
I love the storyline, where it's all connected and it's brought back to a moment. And the sound is open, like the sky is the limit and anything can happen. But nothing is more powerful that having someone hold you, and feel something deep inside. That's all I want to do with my crush, to see if there is a spark between us.

From one of the most adventurous Disney films comes this beloved song, and I think one of the best they've ever made.

But it's true what she says: the things you think are what you have known your whole life. So when new ways come to you, listen to your heart and open yourself to someone else. One day, I will be with nature and hopefully I can create a masterpiece with the gifts that mother nature has given me.

From one Disney film to the next, we hear a song that's actually a cover. But regardless of the singer, it has a touch of class and romance.

Here, it's Prince Edward who is singing (played by James Marsden). And to admit, he has an excellent singing voice. It's exaggerated, but it works cause this song can be sung anyway, with this version giving its flavour. You may not actually hear it in Enchanted, but it's the scene where Princess Giselle & Robert are on a date, which refers Lady & The Tramp's scene.

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