Monday, February 13, 2012

Galaxies: Songs 231 to 240

Mainly it's about getting over someone, or trusting your instincts... You decide!

Song #237: You're the only North Star I would follow this far...

Kelly Clarkson is truly the American Idol - she came back from a different vibe, and it couldn't have been any stronger. It shows the perks and annoyances that we couldn't live without. Consider them as the imperfections that make them complete.

Yes, it's not the qualities that one looks for in another, but we do learn to live with them. Isn't that's what love is all about anyways: accepting them just for who they are? Otherwise, life would be dull...

The anime of my childhood. Though I couldn't really watch it based that I didn't have the channel when I was young, I simply loved the storyline of how she has to collect every card she released, facing through many different twists and turns.

What I was more surprised was the difference between the English and Japanese version: Japanese made it sound cute :"3 And this song, the ending of the series. I love it, it's what you imagine for perfect closure. It's witty, hopeful, and innocent.

Did anyone watch this show? I thought it was a good idea. Since the Pussycat Dolls were a successful girl group, why not make a band just like them - but with less members?

Anyways, there songs got slightly better after the loss of the fourth member. In my opinion, there was more substance, and they had a direction - before, it was kind of trashy. I like the beat of this song, and I get confused if their voices are actually autotuned or they can reach that high. Now we'll never know.

More examples of finding songs on my TV shows: this came from Rugrats. I love this episode, where they go to Las Vegas and take an adventure of their life. Somehow, this is similar to Las Vegas today (it got more family-friendlier).

It is all about having a good time, right? Then I took another listen, it's about a relationship? They're trying to forget about a person, or something like that. Well, what better way than to leave home and go out on a whim. Sounds good to me :"D

The first single from "Femme Fatale." There was a countdown for the video, and the wait was worth it. She released a strong hit, and the dubstep sampled I don't mind.

It sounded different from what she's done before, and it was a breath of fresh air. I do wonder why it wasn't such a big hit though? It's definitely different, and she opened her tour with this song. It was so epic.

Hope more grand videos like this to come from her!

Simply having a good time - I find this song cute and a bit folky, but what do you expect when you're placed in the middle of the forest?

The dwarfs know how to have a good time, and it's all in good fun. There may be revisions of this story, but none can be compared to this one. They're adorable, and quite talented artists. Geez, I need to be multitalented as them... Yes, I just compare myself to animated characters. Oh well, here's to the classics, when they didn't have computers to talk about songs.

Song 237: Owl City - Galaxies

Dance-track fused with orchestras - of course I'm going to love it! Owl City is simply the best, but his music needs to be played more often. It's not always that you hear wonderful music like this on the radio.

But he didn't release this as a single... yet. This is a happy song, it's about astronomy! OK, it's not, but there is depth to it, I'm just not going to analyze it at the moment. His music is open to interpretation, and it should make you feel something. For me, there's a magical force here... I'll stop talking now.

S Club do know how to party. If they had a club night, you know I'd be there first in line! The video is extravagant, and they all can move to that awesome rhythm they play.

Take all your cares away, and just flow with the music. Anything can happen, especially when you're having a good time. I hope if I were to ever have a party, it'd be as cool as this. Unfortunately, clubs don't look anything like this. Maybe it does in the UK... maybe.

How many Disney Channel actors did turn into singers? I guess the better question is: how many are in this playlist? We haven't cracked near the exact amount, but that will be for another day.

Mitchel Musso is quite talented, and it's looking at the bright sides of ending a relationship. There is a new beginning, and he's not living it this so-called "pain" anymore. Typical drumbeat and guitar rifts, but I do like meself some piano. Oh yeah, I want to be a Disney Channel star if I can do this!

I do know someone named Sarah, and when we play this song, she would just cringe. Cause I'm pretty sure most of you wouldn't like to be associated with a song about an ex who can't stop thinking about you.

But hey, it's Wave, they released the BEST music out there. When I think of it, some of greatest music had a lot in common: Canadian, two members, and had songs that get in your head. Go Canada!

Love the intro, but wish it didn't end by fading away...

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