Friday, February 10, 2012

Dog Days Are Over: Songs 201 to 210

It's mainstream pop and R&B day! No complaint here for day 21.

Song #209: Can you hear the horses, cause here they come...

Song 201: Backstreet Boys - The One

The video was typical "looking back at our tour" montage, but nonetheless, it's a great song.

It's the words everyone wants to hear when they're in a relationship: I am that person to help you anytime, anyplace, always. With lyrics like these, what girl didn't fall for the Backstreet Boys?

I do like how at first it sounds dramatic, slowly melting into a happy humming tune. This isn't cheese, this is a jam you can never get tired of.

Song 202: Lady Antebellum - Need You Now

Once in a while, there's that one country song that makes it through mainstream radio, and if it follows the trend, becomes a big hit. In comes Lady Antebellum, a band few have heard before the release of this hit single.

It's easy to see why people love it, it's melodic, the harmonies are beautiful, and quite mesmerizing. Sure, it's a drunk call to the person they love, but if that's what they feel, there's no reason to resist anymore.

Song 203: Madonna - Hung Up

Who had ever thought that one song would lead to a whole new era for Madonna? I do have this album, and I do enjoy it. When this song came on the air, everyone wanted to take a listen. This was the single that shot her career back into the airwaves, and thank goodness it did.

Not knowing it sampled Abba, I thought it had a nostalgic feel mixed with disco, and honestly, who don't like disco? I guess we can thank a bunch of Swedish meatballs who revived Madonna's career.

Song 204: Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

Radio, radio, radio, when will you ever learn to not overplay songs? But oddly enough, I never grew tired of this song till the end of the year.

Having the annual vacation to Las Vegas, there is a need to listen to something while in the car. Not knowing many stations, the good old R&B channel would do. And when this song came on, my siblings would start singing. I had no idea what the song was, but it grew on me. Another song that all of us like added to the list. Keep going strong Lupe!

Song 205: Timbaland ft SoShy - Morning After Dark

This was an interesting hit from Timbaland, you can tell that it's his material, but it sounded darker than his other hits. It has a creepy kind of vibe, but still a danceable tune. Add a new artist, and it makes the song so much better.

I don't know where the original music video went, I couldn't find a clearer version, and most of the results I get are featuring Nelly Furtado... nothing wrong with her, but I like it when it's the two of them. Plus, the music video is a freaking film...familiar vampires?

Song 206: Owl City - Deer In The Headlights

I love Owl City - he was amazing in concert! It was surprising that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The thing I don't understand is why they only played one song on the radio, and that's it? His songs are  super duper good, and such a breath of fresh air from what you hear these days.

It's a cute and confused love song, cause he doesn't know what will happen. He thought he found the one, but the bruises are the proof. Sigh, Adam's just got to keep fishing...

Song 207: Lights - Second Go

How appropriate, she's in the music video of the previous song. She has so much talent, and her style is soul soothing. Lights is the sweetest person around. I also attended her concert, and that was just brilliant. She plays like 5 instruments (OK, really 2, but different variations count!)

This song sounds like it came from a video game, and I would definitely play if the soundtrack sounded like this. Plus, she's painting a house in the video, how adorable is that? That's just her style. Sweet.

Song 208: Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)

I'm pretty sure most of us loved this song till it became too popular. Though I do enjoy the original version from time to time, the remix has this nice ring to it, with the addition of guitars in the background.

Lewis is undeniably talented, but every song she's released has been flawless, but they're not her material. Hope she shows more of herself with the years to come. Probably then we can have a song from her that gets overplayed again. For now: you cut me open... keep digging deeper.

Song 209: Florence & The Machine - Dog Days Are Over

How did I hear of this song: from a trailer. And I did watch this movie: I don't see how people didn't like this? I thought the novel sounded selfish, but I didn't get far into it; plus, the scenery in this movie made me come to life!

Back to Florence: it's a happy song! Well, I think it is. It's about a revolt, and the succession it leads. Happiness is finally here, no more anger within ourselves! It's just an uplifting song, and brings so much joy when I hear it. Powerful indeed!

Song 210: Utada Hikaru - Keep Tryin'

Eek, Japanese music! Utada Hikaru is such a classy lady, even when she does cute. The video was so unexpected to me, it's a side of her I didn't see coming.

I think her message is about going on through life even though there may be hard times. Everyone keeps moving forward, and so should you. Then again, a world full of Utadas would definitely make the world more productive... or me at least d":

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