Friday, February 17, 2012

Gotta Tell You: Songs 271 to 280

A bit literal, but a lot of pizazz in each song. A lot of motivation revealed today.

Song #279: There's nothing wrong, I'll tell you this is where you belong...

Song 271: Prozzäk - Strange Disease

This was a nice way to hide a dirty message in a song. Hey, I liked the word "labido," thought it had a nice ring to it. They even played this on the HitList, so it must have been appropriate for my time.

I guess this is what happens when you're love sick, you can't think straight and your heart beats louder than your own thoughts. The guitars are addictive, and can't help but want to actually learn these lyrics. The way he sings fast is my favourite part... then again, singing fast becomes the best part of any song.

From possibly one of the best films that Disney has ever made. My friend says that Princess Giselle is stupid... I'm pretty sure they are when they leave the perfect world and enter this one.

What can every princess do? Sing animals to help them clean chores, of course! This is wonderful, and they make doing house tasks fun. It's reminiscent of their classic animated features, and putting it into the real world is... accurate. Not everything can be cute, but if creatures could help out, that would be lovely.

Song 273: S Club 7 - Reach

An excellent song from the S Club crew! My friend wanted to sing this song for an event, but I couldn't find a karaoke version of it - why oh why can't they release instrumental editions?

It's a positive song, and it makes me feel unstoppable, like I can conquer just about anything. Always hold onto those big dreams, and  the harder you try for them, the better the result. Oh S Club 7, when will your reunion come? I need more music like this! Fun fun!

Title track from her debut album, you can see that she is obsessed with the idea of being well-known. Lady Gaga was so interesting in the beginning, she was outgoing, and was comfortable with it.

This song, I first heard on a promo for Toddlers & Tiaras - this song fits the show so well. Maybe Gaga was a pageant beauty in the young years, otherwise why would she have such elaborate outfits? Catchy as it is, there is some sadness behind the song - she is perfectly fine with that.

When I first saw the video, I thought it was so sexy and exotic - the perfect combination for Jennifer Lopez. That was the main reason why I added the song in this list.

It has this sexy, mysterious sound that gets me mesmerized. The fact that she feels lucky like a four leaf clover gets to me all the time. It's straightforward, and it's actually catchy for such a slow song. Cue Lil Wayne, and oh my, it becomes way more sexier. Tattoos and good looks have an appeal to me.

Let's get back to the raunchiness, shall we? This song has the sickest beat ever, and I love when the vocals are murmured and slowly clear up. I made up dance moves in my head, and it involved a lot of jazz hands.

It's like a modern disco song, with an addition of what seems to sound like violins - that is awesome. The singer has this 'sexy' voice, and I would imitate it, thinking I was sexy - yeah, no. But this is just a fun, silly song. The video I didn't expect at all, kind of like the song... what a surprise.

Are they Canadian? I think so, their most famous song was from a long time ago, so it was nice to hear a new song about 3 years later. After that, never heard from them.

But there's flare in this song, and it's got a lot of excuses to shake your thang. The video is quite hilarious, but that's what it is: sexy and silly. There is this vibe that makes you feel uncomfortable yet you want to go all out. Overwhelming, in a good kind of way. Yes, I want those lips and like them hips!

To be honest, I cannot recall where I found this song, but I'm going to say I found it on a blog. I wasn't familiar with the band before, and this is the only song I do know.

It's cute, and a bit regretful cause they talk about a situation where you find someone, but never say a word to them. At first, I thought it was about their first encounter at this place, and their love blossomed. It's a nice song, sounds kind of like Beatles with a current twist. Maybe someday I will listen to their other songs...

You can tell that this song is from the early 2000s by looking at the video - it's unrealistic, but I still keep watching it. I heard this from my childhood, and it regained attention when I was a teen. It's a weird contrast, how she loves this person, and it's sung to such a serious mood.

She's deeply in love, and needs to put off her chest these strong emotions towards her lover. And ah, the violins make it that much better! She remade the song into a dance track, but I didn't get into that.

Some unreleased tracks from Michael Jackson. This is such a lovely song, and everything does feel better when you take a hand and hold onto them. There is this comfort to it, and maybe even more from such a simple gesture.

Yeah, there are typical things are said like how life doesn't last forever, and we shouldn't be miserable all the time. Through all the times and challenges we face, know that love is there to guide the way. Michael always knew what to say, he had such words of wisdom. And Akon sounds good in this song, it's kind of cute.

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