Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's My Life: Songs 191 to 200

It's like a sad epic dance track for Day 20 (I messed up my counting >.<")

Song #200: Don't bend don't break, baby don't back down...

Song 191: Lady Gaga ft Colby O'Donis - Just Dance

Here is it, Lady Gaga's debut single - and it's jamming! I have a love/hate relationship with this song. It was interesting, but was kind of generic. But hey, I'm a sucker for lightning bolts and "do-do-do's."

It's amazing how far she's gone from this, she's expanded significantly. This is a crowd pleaser, and the beat has an 'oomph' factor. Yeah, it sometimes gets to you, but if you're moving to the beat, is there a reason to complain?

Song 192: Dirty Radio ft Sherry St. Germain - My Heart

When I heard this first, I knew I had to get it. And what I'm more surprised was finding out that this is local talent!

It's got a hold on me, I'm mesmerized from the first second it plays. It's too darn good, and nothing's wrong with that. But for some reason, I always think of this video when I hear it. It's what I imagine what it would look like if the song had a video.

Wonderfully done, hope he stays around.

Song 193: Gym Class Heroes ft Patrick Stump - Cupid's Chokehold

It's part old, part new, and all in all a strange but good song. Now there are two versions of this song, but I like the one that's linked in the title.

There's just something about this song I can't put my finger on. I think it's the message I like, but also that it's not the best vocals. Kind of like raw emotions this man's saying how serious he is about this relationship.

He wasn't expecting this, but who are you to stop cupid's arrow?

Song 194: Lil Bit - So Sick

There was a trend this year, where a response for songs were being released. This particular response left me in awe. To me, it has more emotions, and seems more realistic.

Lil Bit has a lovely voice, and she's got more attitude. It works better than Ne-Yo, though his rendition is not bad. The girl has to get a grip on reality, and stop thinking about this boy. So why is she running around in circles? Sounds like girl problems to me.

Song 195: Dick Van Dyke & Julie Andrews - Jolly Holiday

Watching this again, I can't help but fall in love once again. When this song came on, my cousin and I started to imitate the animal's voice when they start singing. I couldn't help but laugh my head off! And the umbrella scene... I use to act that out when I was young d":

Being with someone that makes you feel like you're on holiday all the time is simply splendid. You it's good when all around starts to sing.

Song 196: Justin Timberlake - I'm Lovin' It

The McDonalds commercial has an actual song - and it's from Justin Timberlake!

I still think this is nice song, and that badapbadapda (that how you spell it?) has the nicest ring to it; I'm not even reminded of a food chain anymore.

There's a relaxed, city-vibe streets beat to it, and it suits Justin quite well. When he decides to come back to singing, hope he gets back into this - don't you love it too?

Song 197: *Nsync - Everything I Own

This song sounds so familiar... then I remembered it came from Band Slam! But since this came first, I realized that it must have been a cover.

It's a sweet song, and each rendition has their own specialty. Here, it's the boy group who is filled with innocence and purity. There is a reminiscence to Boyz II Men, and if they did harmony, it would be exactly like them.

I enjoy listening to this, especially when it's for love.

Song 198: Jojo - Running On Empty

I can't wait for Jojo's new album - but before that comes along, she released a mixtape. It was more mature than her previous material, but this has an essence of old school Jojo.

Letting iTunes pick the song, this started playing. In an instance, I knew it was going in this list. She misses her lover, and needs them right next to her. Somehow she survives, but it's not for long.

Guitar rifts, R&B vibes, and irony. Simply ear candy.

Song 199: Mandy Moore - In My Pocket

This has to be one exotic song. I love everything about it, the vividness, the mystery, and the sultriness. The song that made me LOVE Mandy Moore.

I believe this was out of her comfort zone, and this totally worked in my opinion. If she released more songs like this, her success would have inclined.

So good, it was covered in Miami Vice, and I made a mashup!

Song 200: Bon Jovi - It's My Life

In my childhood, I had the strangest taste in music. When I saw this first on the television, I wanted to be part of the experience. I was nine.

Let's say I was quite dramatic, and that I thought I was trapped in my own little bubble... I still think like that sometimes.

It is an epic song, and I like to stay true to these words: I just wanna live while I'm alive... After all, this life is all up to me C":

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