Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunshine, Lillipops & Rainbows: Songs 221 to 230

Sweet, hot, intense, and tacky... this playlist's the Sh*t!

Song #223: I feel so fine, just to know that you are mine...

Song 221: Tata Young - El Nin-Yo!

She puts out some sexy songs, this Thai pop star. She doesn't sing much in Thai, but her voice is very pop oriented. My cousins were obsessed with this song, and I sometimes wonder about their taste in music... it can be too revealing o.O

Nonetheless, it's got soul and flare, and if you had her body, I'm pretty sure you would rent a room and dance around cause you're that hot d":

It's a fun song, and foreign words sound sexy.

Sounds familiar? It's one or the other that took the beat and made their own rendition of the song. I usually find these other versions on the radio, where they mix all of the songs into a power hour fest - I become a sucker for them.

It's not as catchy as Sean Paul's version, but I do like how she extends 'why oh why-i-why,' or whatever she says (kind of hypnotizing). Plus, the accent is a bit appealing. Then again, who wouldn't be having a hard time breathing when things heat up?

I have got to watch some of these movies - they have such wonderful songs! Even TV shows know what songs are awesome - ah, there is a need of pure happiness in music these days.

It's simple and easy, and everyone loves it. Besides, this is a short song and it makes you feel warm deep inside. Too cute for words, but it exactly describes what love is all about... at least in Gore's era. Let's bring all of this back, please?!

She's British, of course it's going to be good! I first saw this on the HitList (my favourite show as you know), and I still remember the video: dancing in a skateboard park. It was weird, cause it's a happy song but the video seemed dark in my opinion.

I do love the saxophones that repeat in the song, and it's clean pop with no hidden messages. Every girl fantasizes about asking that question to their crush - welcome to my world.

Simply one of the best Madonna songs out there. I love everything about it, how it doesn't sound like her, the aggressiveness, and of course, the violins. She is the only artist to release a song for James Bond and Austin Powers... just saying.

It's dramatic, kind of an anthem for self-esteem. Never give up, cause there is much more to live for. Plus, I enjoyed the fight scene between herself, telling you to fight the inner demons and let them vanish away. Stay strong, and you'll be unstoppable.

There is a lack of Chinese music in this list, mainly because I can't speak... hopefully by the end of this semester, I'll be able to speak some sentences!

I think this is in Mandarin, my cousin showed me this song, and it's quite epic in my opinion. I believe it's about  sorrow, and the one that she loves cannot send back her emotions. Though I do not understand the pearls as water, I must say that is cool. Hope to hear more Chinese music in the near future!

This has to be Kelly Clarkson's best album ever - I love every song on it! My friend played me this song on the piano, and I didn't realize how beautiful it was without words...the lyrics add more depth.

It's not a typical love song, she's trying to have someone release their emotions and let it all out, cause she doesn't understand how they can feel nothing. Wonderfully done, if anyone can make that much of an impact on a person, they must be the one.

You can say anything, oh anytime when you need...

Well, this is awkward... a big freaky sac comes to sing a duet with Santa Claus. Oddly enough, I was never scared of this scene. Sure, St. Nicholas is being threatened by a... thing, but the colours are so vivid in this scene.

I like to describe it as sad jazz, cause no one can escape this nightmare, but you can't help but listen to the story; it's pretty catchy. He isn't the scariest villain from Disney, but if I saw creepy crawler come out of him, I'd be running in the opposite direction.

The remains of Ms. Spears' teen days. I didn't know that in the video they were referring to Titanic in the cheesy scene - I even acted that out when I was young -_-"

This was so different, it was set in space (cause she's out of this world!) Besides, who didn't fall in love with Britney? They had this on Will & Grace, and it's definitely one of the highlights of her music career.

Here's to the early 2000s, they were the best.

The video made me a fan of this song. I enjoy seeing the different interpretations of excitement and joy, positively amusing!

It's Elvis reinvented, and this was just genius. Of course his music is meant to be in the club, he shook and grooved like it was no one's business... have you seen how many movies he's been in? That's a lot of women he's hooked up with.

Thank goodness it wasn't overdone though, otherwise there wouldn't even be a playlist to talk about!

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