Monday, February 6, 2012

Got To Be Happy: Songs 161 to 170

There's a lot of power in Day 16's playlist... maybe too powerful d":

Song #161: You'll be flyin' high, higher than the sky...

Song 161: Tsutomu - Got To Be Happy

This has got to be one of the best games aside from DDR. In Japan, it's called "Bust A Move," but to avoid confusion between the other game, we'll call it by it's North American title, Bust A Groove.

This game had so many styles of music, each catering to different people's taste. There are more characters in this game, including Tsutomu, a school boy with a club song. Don't know what that's suppose to be saying, but it's amazing. Remember to just be happy!

Song 162: Beyoncé Knowles - Run The World (Girls)

I get it, 4 is her lucky number. Just having a baby, this song seems more legitimate. At first, I didn't really like the song - it seemed too simple for her. But then again, who's more appropriate than Beyoncé to give women an anthem?

What I do like is the simple drumbeat, the elaborate video, and how it seems so effortless when she performs it. I prefer when she performs live, it's not boring compared to just listening to it.

Song 163: Jud Conlon Chorus - Second Star To The Right

Wow, I really don't know my Disney songs. I could point out which film it's from, but I don't know the lyrics to it o.O I thought Peter Pan was very entertaining, though a little stereotyped with the Indians, the mermaids, and the pirates.

It's just lovely to hear the classics again, it can't be compared to songs like today. Simply enjoyable, and your ears bleed cause of good singing - there is a difference of bleeding cause of bad singing.

Song 164: The Jets - Crush On You

One day, I was reading a blog, and on one of them, they made a year-end countdown of their favourite songs - a cover appeared. Let's just say it's far from the original.

I like this, it's sweet and innocent, and the things I wish my crush already knew. Grown up people can have crushes, right? Sweet silly synthesizers, and neon colours make it the perfect 80s song. Makes me want to form a band, looks like so much fun!

Song 165: Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get It Started

I thought this was the coolest video ever! I don't know what I was thinking back then...

This was certainly a party starter, and the Black Eyed Peas know how to get people jumping wherever they are. Isn't it funny that how they change one word, and it becomes a different song? No one cared what they said, long as the chorus jumped in - everyone knows that!

It's time to get re...started.

Song 166: Rihanna - S&M

Come on, I like it, like it...

It's certainly out there, but it's darn too good of a song. Sure, it goes out of limit, and it's out of my comfort zone, but I like the background; so bad, it's good.

Though the verses are the same (lazy songwriting?), I don't get annoyed one bit. Maybe it's the direct approach, sometimes control can be arousing. Time to be naughty and nice.

Song 167: Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

She experimented with a new style in her music, and I think she found what she's most comfortable with. It's a bit folky, but not country. It's so natural, having no one to satisfy but herself.

Mandy Moore found her voice with these pieces, and it's clean. It's not pop, but I do this type of music suits her. Her voice is pure and gentle, she can sing me to sleep anytime. Though this is a new diction for Moore, I do hope she comes back with pop music - miss her so much.

Song 168: Rihanna - Te Amo

One of the first songs that were leaked before the release of "Good Girl Gone Bad," and I fell in love with it. At first, I thought it was a love story about a man and a woman... I saw the video, and now I realize it's between two women.

She performed this when I saw her in concert, and it was so beautiful. It's dark romantic song, with a tone that's strange, but it works. Weird, two Rihanna songs in this list, one raunchy, the other passionate. This Rihanna single beats the other one.

Song 169: Jennifer Lopez - Love Don't Cost A Thing

Thus began the era of "J-Lo," the hottest nickname on the block. Whether she removes her bra in the music video, or the fact it sounded exquisite, there was an addiction to this.

It just has the oddest instruments in the song, and they sound amazing! Everyone went crazy when this song came on, all around you would hear people sing to it. Yeah, it was the jam... Yeah, I think girls are looking for more than love these days though.

Song 170: Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar (Pop Mix)

Was this Taylor's first single? This was the first time I heard of her. It's so sad, how she can still befriends with her crush while he talks about someone else. Who know more of this would come, and bring her so much success.

This is the only song I can't stand country version, cause it's too depressing and makes me want to crawl in a ball. This version has more sympathy, and takes less stress on how madly in love she with, only to find that he won't accept her love. Taylor only speaks the truth. Haven't we all been there?

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