Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Over My Head (Cable Car): Songs 321 to 330

Whether you take life slow or fast, remember to live it up! I like today's theme C":

Song #330: I'm losing you, and it's effortless...

I want to call them the bad boys of British Pop, but then again I didn't really know much of them. They were always on HitList, and usually I didn't like there songs... it wasn't appealing to me.

Now all grown up, I'll be cranking up their hits and jamming to them. Of all boy groups, they didn't fit the stereotype. They had a rapper, a little bit of singing, and their songs never spoke of love but instead 'love.' Quite mature for childhood music, but certainly a party with them.

This was suppose to be released as a single, but it never happened. I don't understand why, cause it's such a nice song. Finally, she has found the one, and doesn't want anyone else - unfortunately, she realizes this after she broke up with them.

The music has a sad and beautiful rhythm to it, like a fast-paced regret. She made a mistake, and can't think clearly. All she wants to do is get back her love and be with them. When you can't lose someone, sometimes you go to great lengths to get your loved ones back.

I can't believe some of the music Starbucks gives away - they are truly amazing! This was the first time I was listening to it, and I must say it's pretty and warm.

He has an airy voice that keeps me entertained yet so calm. I think he's telling a story though this song, with the message saying how much he loves someone. Honestly, who's heart wouldn't melt if this song was made for you? It's just awesome what new talent offers - please be a big sensation!

The music video is LIVE! This was the first time where I saw a video being a concert, and it works! She looks amazing, and she knows how to please a crowd.

You play this in a party, and it's sure to get the audience off their tush and pump it up! Whatever she is referring to 'it' as... Be expressive, be confident in all that you do, and life will be much fun as this. Must be one of Lopez's finest works, it's got soul & passion, plus it's refreshing to hear this song. An oldie that's a goodie and should be played at every celebration!

American Idol - only that show makes people into a star. I mean, did anyone watch X Factor? What happened to the winner of The Voice?

Let's focus on Jordin: she is one of the sweetest girls American Idol has found, and this song is such a heart-healer. I love the intro, her voice, and the welcoming message it delivers. May not know the answers now, but if taken slowly, surely we will understand what we do in this life. This is a song I can listen to everyday, she just puts the spring in my step!

It has the strange sound in the beginning that RedOne only makes. But it doesn't take away the essence of the song. Team up two amazing artists, and out comes intensity, suspense, and romance.

They made such a pleasant thought and amped up the drama on another level. Their voices collide surprisingly well, mixing Europop with Latin spice to make one creative sound. Now if only they could bring this to North America, then everything would be perfect in the music industry... apart from other ideas.

I loved this song the first time I heard it. Thinking this was their original song, thought it had such a retro sound... until I realized it was a cover.

But really, there's not a lot of difference, aside from five singers rather than one. Such a classic tune, it's impossible to not like this song! And there is nothing to fall in love with someone from another class. I imagine life is sometimes like this, and I'm pretty sure there are high society people who wouldn't like it if their child were with a lower class partner. Ah, that's true love.

All it took was one person to ruin this song. My friend said the word 'stalker,' and it made all sense to me... Please erase that memory from my mind.

When I still watched American Idol, I was surprised that Clay didn't win, cause he was the fan favourite. Oh well, he did have quite the success. In came this song, and I thought it was so lovely. He's not seen by the one he loves, and all he wants is to be noticed. Yeah, I'm kind of like this at the moment, without the creepiness. Sad, but oddly refreshing. I'm satisfied?

She is talented, but somehow she seems lost with her music career. Sure, she can make clothes, but I like when she sings. It's sunshine and happy days with her, even when she's serious. Don't understand why people would make fun of her...

Yes, this sound does sound familiar, eh? But she makes it her own song, which is brilliant! I love the flair and her voice, it's everything you want in a pop song! Throw your cares away, cause tonight is the time to have fun. Make more material songs like this!

From the first time I heard it, I knew it held onto me like no other song. Maybe it's the piano, or that voice that's so pleasing... Either way, it consumes my mind with thoughts that make me wonder about myself...

It's a brilliant song, words are not enough to say how much I love it and what significance it has to me. One time, I made a mix CD for my crush, and I put this song on it. Without a flaw, it describes how one loses their mind, lost in some world they only imagine. Instead, misery happens in reality.

It's how you handle the situation that matters. When your mind is in control perhaps?

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