Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Would Do Anything For You: Songs 281 to 290

No matter who you are, the ringleader or the lonely one, know that love will come to you naturally. That's what today's songs are about, at least :"D

Song #290: Remember all those times I was hoping for something

British Bands always know how to make excellent music. Though I can only remember one song, this one came off a compilation album with other fun pop songs.

Their sound is very soothing, and makes you feel confident in a friend. No matter the situation, they will always be there for you. I like that it is encouraging and has a lot of heart. Not too loud, not too soft, but all in all it's simply wonderful. That's what friends do.

The beginning of a new era. This is the perfect song for New Year's Eve, that's all I think when I hear this song. Can you believe this song is 12 (maybe even more) years old?

Every time I hear it, it's like I'm listening for the first time. It's just that good, has such an impact with the dark trance vibe mixed with Latin soul. There is a timeless sound to it, and it's so fresh. Maybe that's the effect of an old song - it gets better with age... Now I want to drink wine.

The only other song that's from Elva. I thought this was a funny song, and the video made her look dazed and confused.

One night, when we had dinner for my grandparents' anniversary or birthday (they're born on same day), and there was a karaoke machine. Of course, we have to sing! And what appears on the list? This one - our attempt was interesting... at least we had the chorus down!

My friend told me it's about her love and it's compared to coffee... sounds rather delicious to me.

She does make one fine ringleader, don't you think? I thought this was a good era for Miss Spears, there was a lot of metaphors to her life with this record, and how she can't escape the surrealism of being the main attraction.

But she calls the shots, and boy did she ever. I was jealous of those who attended the Circus tour - though there was controversy, I probably would had the time of my life. Powerful is a word to describe her perfectly.

The original version is not on this list! I never understood the video, cause it's about a fight scene? Either way, she has this strange beauty that matches her outstanding voice.

Her early work was so sad, and this one has to be one of the saddest. Though she realizes she can't be with this love, she will always remember them as her first. You don't hear much of these songs anymore, how the first love was significant to someone. Small effort the instruments to make a great song from Utada.

When I hear this song, I only think of one thing: totally gay! I mean, how many boys ask their girl to take them away to this fantasy galaxy? OK, now to the song: it's futuristic and quite clean, nothing seems distorted.

But what he says is like a dream come true: never wants to let you go, he'll love you more, and how he's been waiting for you his whole life. Makes your heart kind of gooey but jumpin' to such a sick beat. It hits hard, even though it comes rather soft. Strange, but cool

Do we consider him as a one-hit wonder? I mean, he dated Ashlee Simpson, and after they broke up, never heard much about Cabrera.

So sad, and he was talented. This is like a serious-angst kind of song, where he wouldn't have been himself until his love came to save the day. He found someone that makes him feel himself, and that is a climatic point in relationships... I'd believe. But I do like the guitars, especially the solo after the bridge - that's just candy to my ears. Love everything about it.

Woah, it's the song on the radio. When this came out, it was on non-stop and I had to change the station every time it played. Nowadays, you hear it once in a while, and the last time I heard it was in my cousin's car... We sang along d":

It's cute and playful. Makes me think about my crush, how badly I want them and imagining all the magic that could occur in our relationship. Bublé knows how to make good music, hope an original songs album come soon - be a shame to do covers all the time.

I was naïve in my young years - I thought if the title was similar, they would be the same thing. For example, this song was the song for this movie, right? Similar titles, and similar subjects? Yeah, there's no relation between the two...

My sister had this song on replay all the time, and now I'm starting to see why she loved it. The guitars are sweet, and they don't sing a word, but it's just so addictive in my opinion. Rock & Rap is great!

Pretty sure I said that I'm seeing them this year, and after listening to this song, I am super excited! There is something about this song, it's like I'm lost in a trance and it's nothing you expect from them.

Sure, they admit they're in love, but it's not cheesy or silly. Quite serious, saying it's incomparable this love and they do whatever it takes for them to feel the same.

This is my indie song of the moment, hope they release it as a single. It would have definitely been my Valentine song💖

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