Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Crush (1980 Me): Songs 171 to 180

It's like I'm dancing with tears in my eyes for Day 17. All the pop stars came out to play!

Song #178: Dance baby, you know you're gonna have such a good time...
*Video not the version I listened to, just the video is darn too fun*

Song 171: Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull - On The Floor

This was a fun song... till the radio killed it. I didn't know that it sampled an old song, and now that I do, I can't help but think of Dollar Store toys that have this song playing. Those were creepy...

Onto the song: it's a jumper, it gets you moving and allows anyone to get on the floor. I mean, she wants everyone to dance the night away - and who doesn't?

I feel like fist pumping and twirling around when I hear this song - is that so wrong? Once in a while, it's good.

Song 172: Rihanna - Rehab

She doesn't want to smoke these cigarettes no more, cause she found a different kind of drug: love. To me, it's a sad love song, even though from my interpretation, I get that she wants to get off of her dosing and become a better person for her lover. It's kind of ironic if you ask me.

But it's nice to listen to, not powerful, but very calm how she the situation is dealt. The violins are in the song, and that's instant win to me. Her slow songs are good once in a while - remember not to overdose.

Song 173: Carmen & Camille - Boom Boom

I heard this on the radio, and I fell in love with it instantly! Sure, it's kind of like "TiK ToK," but with references to a bunch of pop stars - or good looking women ^^

It's like my theme song, I want everyone to know who I am and to play my song again and again. Don't worry, I'll get there someday. For now, I'll be singing along to this upbeat catchy tune. Easily produced, and undeniably so much fun. Alright.

Song 174: Avril Lavigne - Naked

Avril Lavigne is an interesting artist, she stays with a theme for every album. This coming from "Let Me Go," it was reminiscent of "Complicated," but more delicate.

She doesn't want to admit it, but it's her way of expressing her true feelings... so she'll use a metaphor instead. It's pretty, and was rare of her to sing a love song. Now, she just puts it out there...sometimes a bit too broad.

It's a pleasant surprise when it's not overdone.

Song 175: Usher - Burn

What's with all of these contrasting love songs after another? But anyway, this song was featured on a little game called "Karaoke Revolution," and this was the song to sing. The beginning especially gets to me, cause it has to be said so dramatically.

On another note, it's one of my favourite Usher songs, probably cause it's more than his typical generic let's-make-love songs. It's sad, not sure if he wants to leave or if he's waiting for her to come back. Kind of relaxing the song, I just enjoy listening to it.

Song 176: Beyoncé Knowles ft Jay-Z - Déjà Vu (Freemasons Dance Remix)

Nothing wrong with the original, but I do tend to enjoy remixes when it comes to Beyoncé. I think she would be amazing if she made a disco album, that would so sell!

This particular remix has a funky and fresh type of vibe, it's a thrilling good time. The riddance of the pre-chorus was a surprise, but I like it better for some reason, not sure though. For me, the lyrics suit this style of rhythm more than the original. It's most likely the pianos and guitars - much more sexier, like her.

Song 177: Katy Perry - Hummingbird Heartbeat

It's one of the happiest songs from Katy Perry, I wish she'll release this as a single. It's got an 80s vibe, and I can picture the cheesiness that matches the tune.

So sweet and cute, I just want to drive to the beach and watch the sunset with my lover... OK, enough of my fantasies. I find it weird that she feels like she's losing her virginity, that's something I don't want to imagine. Other than that, it's ever-lasting love. Once again, something I look for. Maybe this is what love feels like? It sounds nice.

Song 178: Darren Hayes - Crush (1980 Me) (Crush On Holiday Mix)

I was so excited when I heard that lead singer of Savage Garden was releasing solo music - I love his voice! His material is beyond his band days.

The first time I heard this song, I could not help but shake it! Yeah, it samples Holiday, and it's well done. Little did I know it was a remix, and to be honest, I like both... this one has more nostalgia. Makes me want to be a kid of the 80s. Perhaps I'll make one for the 90s.

Song 179: Jason Alexander, Charles Kimbrough, Mary Stout, Mary Wickes - A Guy Like You

Pretty sure I saw this when I was young, but I can't remember. Seeing it  recently, I didn't know how sad it was. What makes this film different from other Disney films is the ending, it's predictable but you don't want it to happen.

This is an awesome song, it brightens up your spirits and makes you want to take the dive into an ocean of chances. The gargoyles sing this piece, and I like how the message is there is no one like you, and that's why the girl is interested. Go for it, you're an original!

Song 180: Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U (Jungle Mix)

Ah, the sexiest video out there with the clothes on. What I find sexy is the breathing, and in the video, a backup dancer licks her face (I bet she tasted yummy).

I was ten when she released this song, and I wasn't much a fan of it. She was a totally different person! But as I grew older, I found that I still love Britney no matter what she does.

This mix was from the Onyx Hotel Tour, and the jungle vibe really compliments the theme. Also, who can forget the performance?

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