Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Song: Songs 301 to 310

Let's call this playlist "honest," cause they all want to know something straight up.

Song #310: I learned the hard way that they all say things you want to hear...

I don't think money problems are a matter to Jessie J, cause she is blowing up the charts with her hits! Yes, only two have been released here, but she is the success in the UK.

Yeah, it gets boring after a few listens, but it has a wonderful message. Haven't you ever questioned what happened to the simple times where music didn't objectify anything? She's honest, and B.o.B as an addition was complimentary to the songs. He adds the oomph desired. Take a break, at least 3 minutes.

This song was on a soundtrack to a very fun film. I don't see how anyone cannot like it, it's exaggerated amusement at its best. The scene is where Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox are racing down the hallway to see who gets the lead role in the school musical. Quite hilarious, if you ask me.

In comes this song, and it's suitable for the mood. It's not serious, and rather silly. What do you do in times where you just feel like a brat? Na na, and that's all you got to say. Not spoiled, just healthy competitive.

Never understood the beginning where someone says "Dark Chow," but recently, a lot of artists have been doing that. Is that the producer's name? That's weird, it never gets annoying, but it gets in my head.

Moving onto the song: this was the first time I heard of the girl group. I loved the video, and I think my favourite room was the blue one. I just sang along to it, didn't really know what it was, but I guess it's about cheating. After all, to get to a girl is not knowing what to call her.

Well, this is one strange video. When I first saw a preview, I thought it was going to be all animated - then I see this 3D chick in a bar, and everyone adores her. Maybe Japan isn't that weird.

But I really do enjoy this song, how she can't believe where she is or the fact that she's nowhere near to what's familiar. It's wild and crazy, but in such a calmed matter. Of course, a song is not perfect without the saxophones. Oh, so sexy a song becomes with them added.

There's something about trailers, huh? I keep finding awesome songs when they promote a movie, and they make me want to see it THAT much more.

There is this epic sound that they can only produce, and I'm impressed that an actor has the chops to pull off such a powerful song. It's actually kind of sad when you listen to what he's saying, but that's the beauty to it: a sorrow with the anger that comes within. I just feel mesmerized when I listen to it, like it makes me want to go on an adventure. Yeah, that's what I want to do.

Is it wrong to call a song 'sexy?' Cause that's all I think when I hear this. The airy voice, Snoop Dogg, and random guitar strums make me want to...squeal? Can't think of the right word - let's not go further into it.

It's like the woman has power, and all she wants is her lover to talk to her, and let her know that they're having a good time. Afterwards, much more can happen. And when it's Mariah Carey, I'm pretty sure a lot will happen after the song... Better be worth your while.

I thought this song sounded familiar, but it took the longest time to figure it out. It's from Madonna! Of course, that's one of my favourite songs from her!

This was a bonus track from the album "Circus," and it's quite catchy. Usually bonus material sounds better than the album - it might be the appeal, but it attracts me somehow. It's kind of strange at the same time, with the funky beat and the consequences that they're facing in the message. Still, I love the song, I even made a mash-up for this ditty. Now let's party!

Song 308: BoA - Did Ya

I really like the song, mainly cause of the beat. When I showed this to my cousin, she knew of this song too! But to my surprise, it was a different song from a soundtrack. Guess this is considered sampling?

There's a groovy rhythm to this song, and it makes me want to punish that boy that broke BoA's heart - she doesn't need the help, she already put it in a song! That is more than satisfaction, insulting someone to a catchy tune. Plus, the song is in English, which makes it much better. Consider it nostalgic revenge.

I first saw the video, and thought this was a pretty neat song. It features two of the hottest rappers out there, and it's like old school meets new. I do like the beat, and when the refrain drops, I go crazy.

Collaborations are always good when it comes to rap, cause no one can mess up the song. Sure, I don't know what they're talking about, but that's something that I'll find out later and see what I'm actually listening to. For now, I'll be adoring Lil Wayne for his style and pure awesomeness. They all behavin' crunk... what.

Seriously, who doesn't love this song? It's original, and makes me want to belt it out. My cousin learned this on the piano, and I would always sing along to it. I would go too fast cause of the excitement.

Sara Bareilles is truly amazing, instead of saying 'no' for writing a love song, she sung it. And the result? Brilliance. She may not want love, but it's impossible not to adore her; her honesty comes out rather sweet.

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