Saturday, February 11, 2012

www.nevergetoveryou: Songs 211 to 220

Oh my, it's like testing relationships here in this playlist... whereas one song tells you to go where o.O

Song #220: So if you ever change you mind, here's where you can find me...

Song 211: Taylor Swift - The Story Of Us

This is such a fun yet sad song - it has Taylor Swift written all over it, is that the reason why little exposure of the song? I liked it, and when she performed it on stage, it was entertaining! Yeah, but maybe I shouldn't sing when she is (mainly because I don't know the lyrics!)

But isn't this how life is? You fantasize of a perfect fairytale, but one day it all comes to a sudden end, and now you're praying for dear life to avoid that person. Sometimes it's hard, but also a fun game? Confusing.

What a nice, chilled song from the Black Eyed Peas. There is no techno beats, nor futuristic effects included. This is the sound they should have stuck with, I liked it a lot.

Great positive message, and the rap verses I actually understand. My favourite line is where the reference Pinocchio at the beginning, when they realize they've been unfaithful to their partner. They're doing their best effort to change their ways, and hopefully it's all for the better. Don't you wonder why we don't tell the truth?

Minus 3 members from the previous song, add a female rapper, and you've got one of my favourite songs. It's another example of sampling, and I thought this was pretty well done. I think Nicki Minaj is amazing, her material is fun cause she raps so fast!

Yeah, the song is kind of cocky, but when you're big time stars, you got to flaunt what you've got. Also, it's so futuristic, it's 80's music! Did I mention that the Buggles cover this song too? I kind of like it a bit better... After all, it is their song!

Where have the pretty, talented, blonde girls have gone? I guess they're all grown up...who am I suppose to look up to?

Have no fear, Elin comes to save the day! Not only is she gorgeous, but her songs are absolutely stunning. She even made a song about jeans, and I still listen to it (I don't wear them, by the way).

It's hypnotic, and has this stunning gleam to it. The music video is gorgeous - could watch it all day.

From one current blonde to the classic. I love this song so much, it's one of my favourite Jessica Simpson songs. I thought it was so cool that the music video had this rolling bomb and ninjas - no idea what that was for, but just go with it.

This is actually on Karaoke Revolution, and I love singing to it. This is my childhood, looking at women with mid-drift apparel and a lot of pouting. Wow, there were many reasons to keep staring at the screen as a child. I think sexy needs to be reinvented again.

Honestly, I couldn't stand the rock version. I actually didn't give it a chance, and there's nothing wrong with rock - I was just turned off by this genre when I was an early teenager perhaps?

The acoustic version I heard first in a Lindsay Lohan film, but the scene didn't really match the song...Either way, I'm glad I found this version, there's more sympathy towards it, less angry in my opinion.

Break your parent's heart when you know what's best.

This is one weird album cover, cause they look scary. It's the first video I've seen shot in black & blue? They stuck by the album name, I suppose.

I tried to sing this song for vocal lessons, but I couldn't reach the high notes (I'm a baritone, opposite side of the spectrum). It's a very nice song, not too poppy, but still a hint of cheese hidden in there.

He has done wrong, so he has to show her who he really is. Ah, love and their silly games...

Who are they? I'm not really sure to be honest! I think their songs are awesome, and the lead singer dresses in crazy outfits. Their songs are a phenomenon, and they're still going strong! They also do remixes, and that's a plus in my book.

This song is kind of like an infomercial to go west where your problems melt away. I first heard this song on the radio during Pride weekend... Well, the beat has a navy-themed tune to it. Yes, I just made a stereotype (can't help it, some men tend to be too good-looking).

More Kreesha Turner! The incredibly high-voiced songstress released this Christmas-essenced break-up song, and boy was it a hit.

The end has come, but her lover won't stop following her around. What does she have to do to get him out of her way? Don't tell me this is another crazy love song where they break up and he begins to sound like a stalker...

But it was his fault, he didn't get to know her.

Song 220: Prozzäk - www.nevergetoveryou

Canadian talent back-to-back (had to do it!) I think this was released when I was in Grade 3/4, cause this was the song that everyone sung, we even added '.com' to the end of the title.

I think this website needs to be made again, cause it was so cool, and could be like a 'missed communication' site...Maybe I'm going a bit too far. This was the first time I heard a website as a song, it was unique and undeniably catchy.

Who wouldn't be stuck in a rut if they made a connection online only to not find out who they are?

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